What is cloud computing?

Today’s era is the era of technologies and Technologies such as cluster, grid, and now cloud computing, have all aimed at allowing access to large amounts of computing power in a fully virtualized manner, by aggregating resources and offering a single system view .Utility computing describes a business model for on-demand delivery of computing power; consumers pay providers based on usage.

Cloud computing refers to applications and services that run on a distributed network using virtualized resources and accessed by common Internet protocols and networking standards. It is distinguished by the notion that resources are virtual and limitless and that details of the physical systems on which software runs are abstracted from the user.

Cloud computing is particularly valuable because it shifts capital expenditures into operating expenditures.It also shifts risk away from an organization and onto the cloud provider. Cloud computing presents new opportunities to users and developers because it is based on the paradigm of a shared multi tenant utility.

These are the unique characteristics of an ideal cloud computing model:
Scalability: You have access to unlimited computer resources as needed.
Elasticity: You have the ability to right-size resources as required.
Low barrier to entry: You can gain access to systems for a small investment.
Utility: A pay-as-you-go model matches resources to need on an ongoing basis.

There are an number of benefits that more Companies are becoming cloud computing providers:
Profit: The economies of scale can make this a profitable business. Optimization: The infrastructure already exists and isn’t fully utilized.This is the case for Amazon Web Services.
Strategic: A cloud computing platform extends the company’s products and defends their franchise.This is the case for Microsoft’s Windows Azure Platform.
Extension: A branded cloud computing platform can extend customer relationships by offering additional service options. This is the case with various IBM cloud services.

Cloud computing is an amazing technology it has an number of benefits it is more efficient to use,with the help of cloud IOT is making life easy and convenient.

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