Designs and need of clothing!

Ever wonder why there are so many designs in clothing and why there was a need of clothing lets understand this topic with the help of design philosophy.

Design is something which is problem solving not only aesthetic is involved its for the usage as well .It includes variation of ideas , thoughts that are implemented different process of fashion. Design implies a conscious effort to create something that is both functional and aesthetically pleasing. Isn’t it amazing to know? Let us now understand Design philosophy

“Design philosophy” is simply someone’s philosophy on design: what they are trying to accomplish with design, and,
more importantly, what one thinks design should accomplish.
-Some think aesthetics have nothing to do with design. Some think design is all about utility.
– Some believe design doesn’t exist in isolation; it is a reflection of the larger society. As society changes, so should

So the idea here is that design is solely depend on a person choice. So now understand the need of clothing why there is so much variety

Apparels, accessories, are a part of our life. They shield us,warm us as well as give us pleasure. They reflect our
personality and express our attitudes.On the basis of above reasons, four theories have been
developed to explain the origin of clothing, which are:

The Protection Theory
The Modesty Theory
The Adornment Theory
Combined Need Theory

The Protection Theory

According to protection theory, humans are defenseless and need protection from the environment and other creatures. Clothes provide them with a portable source of physical protection. Clothes were made from animal skins and parts of trees, including their bark, to protect the body from excessive heat, cold, and bites and stings of insects and animals

The Modesty Theory

It suggest the people first wore clothing to cover or conceal the private parts of the human body. The classification of what is right and what is wrong in clothing varies from one individual to another, from one culture to another.
-For example, it is considered immodest for Muslim women if she goes out
without wearing burka. And in few African tribes removing earrings and lip plugs is considered immodest.
This proves that the sense of shame and modesty is not inborn but its a learned and cultivated behavior, based on beliefs, customs, traditions of culture or society at a particular point of time.

The Adornment Theory

This theory refers to the decorative nature of clothes and other forms of appearances; modifications for purposes of display, attraction or aesthetic expression

Combined Need Theory

The combined need theory is based on the theory of hierarchy of needs, which describes the human being as an ever wanting creature whose requirements move from one level of priority to the next. This theory states five levels of needs. These are as follows:
Self- esteem
Self- realization or actualization
The first level refers to the need of clothing for protection from physical and psychological forces.
Safety also relates to protection.
Clothing also helps one to gain acceptance in a group and provide a sense of belonging to it.
Clothing helps in boosting self-esteem by enhancing the appearance of the wearer. It maximizes the potential of the wearer and helps the self- realization.Therefore, according to this theory, the reason behind wearing clothes can be a combination of needs

Isn’t this topic amazing i hope you like it!!

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