Good Things Take Time!…

There was a guy named Peter. He was good in studies since childhood. He couldn’t see anything but studies. He used to be a school topper every year. He completed his schooling securing the 1st rank. He got the admission in one of the best colleges in the city. He studied hard, attended all the lectures and scored very good marks in his 12th grade. But then he couldn’t make it again in the entrance examination. So he couldn’t secure a good rank in the entrance test.
He always had a dream to work for society. He felt engineering could be the bridge to take him there. So he got admitted to an engineering college. He tried to keep on performing well there as well. But he was struggling a bit. Even the failed in some subjects in 3rd year. But he didn’t give up. He took his time and completed his degree with good grades. Now he wanted to join one of the government agencies which serve the people. So he kept on preparing for exams to join those agencies. He gave two precious years of his life to crack the exams, but couldn’t make it. He always kept a dream in front of his eyes since childhood. But now he could see his dream falling apart. He never thought of anything but this in his life. He never had a plan B. Now every day he could hear people around saying he’s just wasting time, he’s doing nothing, he must be earning now. These things got him more into depression. Now he lost all the faith he had on himself. He felt like a loser. A scholar guy from school now was struggling and falling into the valley of depression. He now had the fear of exams. He began to underperform in exams thinking he’s not good enough. He couldn’t even express his feelings to anyone. All he used to do is to cry at night, hiding his tears from the world. An engineer guy was now feeling his value wasn’t even labour.
He never knew life would be so harsh to him. At times he felt like giving up but some dead hope made him hold on. One fine day, destiny turned its bad page. He got an opportunity to work as an assistant of the CEO of a laser cutting startup. It was related to his engineering field but as had lost self-belief, he felt like an illiterate. The startup CEO was a kind man. He saw the potential in Peter. He kept on boosting him and trying to make him realise what he really is. It took so much time but now Peter was feeling a bit confident. Now he felt that he isn’t garbage. Soon he regained the knowledge he forgot. Now he was using his ideas for the company and the owner was promoting it. After 2 years, he moulded himself back to his original avatar, which made him manager of the company. He started off when each of his friends had 1-2 years of experience but now just within two years of work, he was earning double than any of his friends. He kept working hard and reached the topmost position. He was now working with his boss as a partner and equal shareholder of the company.
The thing we should take from here is good things take time. You might be late as per the world but remember god must be planning something good in future. All you need to do is to keep faith in yourself and keep on trying.

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