It’s okay to be not okay sometimes!…

I was scrolling on my Instagram page and I received a message from a follower. He was a complete stranger to me. He started with a hi and then asked how are you. I straight out bashed him saying why are you asking me this. I don’t even know you. I shouted at him for no reason. Later I felt bad myself and apologised him. This continued with me all day long. Whenever my friend or family tries to talk with me, I was just shouting on them. Later my girl asked me what happened to me. But I replied with nothing. She kept on asking me again and again and it ended up I shouting and fighting with her. Later I went to my room, locked myself and I started crying. I didn’t even know why I was feeling so frustrated but I was feeling very low.
Have you guys ever felt like that? I bet most of you must’ve gone through this. As a human, there are always plenty of thoughts wandering in our mind. It might be positive or negative. But our brain keeps on doing its job of thinking and thus feelings like happiness or sadness grow in us. Sometimes so many things are going on in the back of our mind and the funny thing is we don’t even realise how they are affecting our regular emotions. It’s the time when we feel low without any reason. We keep on searching for a reason but fail to find one. This thing makes us more frustrated and then we shout and fight with our closed ones for no reason. Even we feel that we are doing wrong but our brain doesn’t help us in this.
So what to do in such case? Just give yourself some time. Sit back and relax. Now there and many techniques we can apply to get out of it. It’s up to you which applies to you and which not. We should go and sit in a silent and peaceful place. Some might find an isolated room and meditate there. Mediation could be the key 9 out of 10 times. Whenever we feel like surrounded by negatives thoughts, just meditate. You may not find any good results at first but if we continue it for long, we’ll definitely find good results. Another thing we can do is do what you love to do the most. Yes, I’m talking about your hobbies. Hobbies are one of the best stressbusters. Make time for your hobbies in such case. Draw a sketch, sing a song, write a poem, dance on your favourite song. Do whatever which will help you burst your stress. Another thing we can do is talk to kids. It’s my personal favourite. Kids are simply the angels sent by god. Talk to them, play with them. You won’t remember you were sad after a few minutes.
Actually we humans have so many emotions such as anger, love, hate, smiles, fear and many more. Usually, our mind forgets good things easily. But bad memories are preserved by it. These bad memories or the moments where we got hurt by our loved ones keep on playing in the back of our mind. This finally leads to the feeling of not feeling okay. Give it back to them at the only moment. If you’re angry with someone, go fight them, do whatever but sort it out. If somebody hurts you badly, go tell them. Tell them what they mean to you and how they hurt you. If you’ve some bad memories with someone in the past or you feel guilty, just forgive yourself and let it go. It’s the fact that we cannot undo things that happened in the past, maybe good or bad. Then, why do we need to carry the baggage for our life? Let it go. Don’t let things bothering you occupy your headspace. Make space for things which helps you grow, which will keep you happy and maintain peace. But we keep on searching for the cause and get only frustration in return. But if we divert ourselves with the above measures, we can be back to the actual okay state.

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