A regenerative ,off the grid residential community.

Can you imagine living in a home that is powered by nature! a home built with natural materials, surrounded by nature next to a large sea like fresh water lake . We are a 20 acre off grid community with total 220 homes all powered by nature for people who have the luxury of working from home . Revillage is a experimental off grid residential community/society built to streamline nature to power individual homes to harvest electricity,water ,food and treat waste water for a carbon neutral off grid lifestyle away from pollution in the heart of nature. Our community is with built with the motto of living big in a tiny earthship home to live a waste free life in harmony with nature .

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We are a off the grid residential community located next to a 32 square kilometer rain harvested lake and a beautiful river named Barmani that also flows into the lake next to our community. The pristine nature on and around our community is vibrant full of sounds of nature,colors of nature and lots of wild life.The nature and thousands of trees in our community along with the lake and river is the most important central aspect of our residential community.We have zero noise pollution,light pollution,water pollution or soil pollution as we are surrounded by waitron two side and forest and farms on the other two sides.We have a protected animal santuary about 30 kilometers away that is home to a rare endangered spices of wild ass. Revillage is home to over 100 spices of birds due to the vast amount of rainwater,river and trees.

Our community is designed and built around nature.Our design team has incorporated nature into homes to power homes individually using only natural resources and being completely off the grid. Our community is spread on 60 acres on a single strech with 40 acres dedicated to growing food for the homes on our community without using any pesticides or harmful chemicals. We have designed and built our community for folks who want to live a 100% off the grid life connected with nature. Our community has total 220 homes spread on 20 acres with many ammenites and a large with a supermarket.

All our homes are designed and built to independently sustain the homeowners and give back free electricity,free water ,free food . Our homes are built like Earthships connected to a larger eco system provided by nature surrounding us and we have implemented permaculture design systems in each home along with solar power grid,rain water harvesting system with a independent waste water treatment plant in each home. Each home on our community is built like a independent earthship designed and built to harvest the power of nature without any external help from the grid and sustain the homeowners without any electric bills,water bill, 50-80% less food bills and almost zero waste disposal bills.

Our architectural design team has taken a big inspiration from legendary architect Michael Reynolds who has designed and built over 2000 earthship homes. All our homes are built with natural materials with massive amount of thermal mass like a cave and each of our home is fitted with a solar system,water harvesting system,food production area and with a grey water treatment plant for a completely off grid lifestyle. Thermal mass helps home keep cool during summer and cosy during winters reducing the amount of electricity needed during summer, we have also incorporated passive cooling system in each home for enhancing the level of comfort with using any artificial cooling systems. Revillage community and each home is designed and built to connect with nature to allow nature back in our lives.


Revillage community is designed in synk nature. Our community located 28 kilometers next to protected wild life animal santuary and surrounded by protected forest area with wildlife and natural resources . The lake is located 700 meters away and the river is merely 650-700 meters away allowing dense vegetation to grow due to the regenerative aspects of lake.The eco system around us is not polluted and our off grid principles of providing each of our homes with a built in waste water treatment plant is to protect the eco system. Our homes are built with nature in mind to neutralize our carbon foot print, we have designed with a waste free approach to preserve the eco system and built our homes that do not pollute the environment. Bees and butterfies have made our community their home and we have built homes in area that is not disturbing nature to reduce negative impact on our surrounding eco system. Each home is designed with indoor kitchen vegetation area and outdoor gardening area .


Our community is located next to a 32 square kilometer lake which is mainly a rain harvested lake connected with a larger lake a few kilometers north. The lake is very large and 28 feet deep as it has been measured and our community sits at the opening of the lake giving us unlimited access to rain harvested water 365 days a year. The lake is also fed by a river named Barman and the river is seasonal for about 6 to 8 months .River Barman is located 700 meters near our community and the river bed is beautiful with fish with her crystal clear pure water. We also have many natural springs due to the lake and the river and the quality of spring water on our main spring well is simply the best of nature. Spring well located near our community is proving us water to irrigate thousands of trees on our community and farms next our community. We have incorporated rainwater harvesting tanks in each home to keep our eco system un touched and allow our community to mostly reliant on rainwater and for drinking our community has spring water. We have included independent rainwater harvesting systems to protect natural water systems in our eco system and not let our community become a burden on the delicate eco system that our community is built on. Our community has borewells that are connected to storm water lines and with each home having a independent system our community is water surplus. Our community has also built a small canal connecting the lake to our community farming area to be able to very safely claim that our community is prepared for hundreds of years without any water problems.


Each of the home on our community is designed and built to reduce carbon for print on the eco system and each home is powered by a independent solar system generating 100% of the electricity required by the home . Our smaller home is powered by a 4 kv solar panels, a 20 kv invertor and 32 kv of battery/power storage to run all home appliances just like a regular home . Our larger home has 6 kv solar panels, a 36 kv invertor with 42kv of lead acid batter back up/ power storage . Our community is designed and built to be off the grid and produce all power needed with the help of solar energy available in abundance at our community 365 days a year.


Our community is located in a water surplus area due to the lake and the river and natural springs. Our community has leased a 40 acre farm of our next door farmer for 25 years to grow 70-100% food for our community members . The farm is home to very fertile land and over 60 different variety of vegetables,herbs,roots,greens,grains,pulse,beans and variety of crops have been grown and harvested over 30 years . This farm is very fertile and has been used to grow crops without most pesticides or chemicals. Industrial agriculture causes lots of pollution and does not help farmers so we have incorporated a functional farm for 25 years equiped with net houses to grow all food or 60-80% food production in our community. We have used permaculture as design language to grow food which allows us to grow food without any pestisides or chemicals in a natural organic manner.Our community does not believe in growing GMO food as we believe in eating natural vegetables and food that are pure.All homeowners are required to get a approval of our community before planting any seeds to ensure that our community do not have any GMO food growing in our natural eco system. We grow amazing greens needed for salads such as lettus ,arugula


Our community has been built on principles of regeneration. Each home on our community is designed and built with a independent grey water treatment plant. This ensures that all grey water from showers,kitchen,washing clothes,sink is collected in a tank and turned into clean water which is used to water the landscape and vegetaion. Each home also has a independent septic tank for the toilet and we have not added any composting systems to treat waste from septic tank as Indian culture and traditions have prevented us from using human waste. Each home will be provided three bins for day to day waste management, green bin for food waste which will be used in making compost and two bins for paper waste, plastic waste. Plastic waste will be sold to recycle junkyard and some paper waste will also be sold which can not be used to make compost.


We believe in nature and investing all our resources in harnessing as well as preserving nature and the eco system surrounding Revillage .Every aspect of our community has been designed and built to enhance nature and built our community with nature. Our primary community culture is based on the approach of waste free living in peace and harmony with nature. Our off grid community is best suited for vegans or vegetarian people and our community culture is founded on principles of preserving nature. Our community is founded on principles of co existing with nature and the lake next to our community is a ideal for many gentle ,safe water sports and exercises such as swimming, kayaking,rowing, paddle boarding, fishing . A friend of Revillage Phillippe is a kiteboarding teacher who loves the lake for kiteboarding as the wind speed is ideal almost 7-8 months in a year for kiteboarding. Phillipe has a small kiteboarding school to teach and certify anyone that qualifies to learn kiteboarding which is regarded as an extreme water sport. Our community is very grateful to Phillipe who has helped us start a kiteboarding school and introduce us to the amazing extreme sport of Kiteboarding which is based on wind,water,gravity,gear . The lake and water sports are another aspect of nature which we have incorporated as part of our culture at Revillage to enrich our community without causing pollution. We have incorporated a vulgarly large art gallery which will be used as a design studio for artist to conduct art residencies at our village. The art gallery is built large to hold art exhibits at the end of each art residency and we have dedicated 10 homes that won’t be sold to host artist all year and conduct art residencies for musicians and artist .The art produced will be sold at the art gallery and profits will be shared by our community and the artist .Our community has a concert area for musicians and performance artist visiting our community and to invite and conduct private concerts for our community to celebrate birthdays,anniversaries. We have a indoor game room,a large library with a massive collection of design magazines from all over the world,new papers and troves of books to read.Our community have a 100 seater indoor theatre to conduct classical music concerts,movies and all our our ammonites are powered by solar power.


We are located 174 kilometers or 2.5 hours of driving distance from Ahmedabad international airport. Our village is just about 17 kilometers off the national 4 lane highway connecting Ahmedabad to Kandla port, 24 hour taxi service is available at Ahmedabad airport or at Revillage and the nearest train station is about 20 kilometers away in small town called Halvad which is ultra safe and peaceful. Our community is streamlined to access nature to harness enegry,water ,grow food and treat waste water making our homes free from bills and waste free with a carbon neutral foot print. All homes on our community are designed and built with thermal mass to keep the homes very comfortable and built with 90 % natural materials for a earthy natural life inside each home.

All of the infrastructure is made from natural sandstone, river sand,clay,lime and only 10% of materials used for construction are of un natural origin. All the homes and ammenities are designed and built with independent solar harvesting,water harvesting,waste water treatment to reply and streamline nature for all energy, water and waste management. All homes and infrastructure is built with extra thermal mass for added comfort and cave life strength making the home fully pandemic proof and 100% off grid. Our homes do not have any electric meters and homes are not allowed to own any electric meter from the grid to maintain the our off grid standards to fight pollution. We have added a supermarket to add a degree of comfort for all homeowners which will serve only our community on weekdays and during weekends be open to villagers around who also want to buy things which otherwise not available. The supermarket is meant to help local villagers and our community feel very comfortable with peace of mind.


Revillage is a off the grid community will total of 270 homes out of which 50 homes will be owned by Revillage community and not be sold. The cost to design and built these 50 homes is ditributed in 220 homes as part of cost to built this economic ammenity for Revillage community . 10 homes are reserved to conduct art residency for developing art work which will be sold at our community art gallery and cafe also owned by revillage .The remaining 40 homes will be listed on airbnb to generate a daily income for revillage community which will help cover all expenses of our community and generate some profits which will be saved to repair,replace batteries of the 270 off grid homes and pay salries to workers who grow food for our community on our leased 40 acre farm . The 40 homes will also be rented out to host TTP yoga retreats,workshops,art residencies during winter and summer holidays providing homeowners a opportunity to attend workshops and explore different forms of arts. The revenue generated from 40 homes should be sufficient to cover all expenses to maintain revillage and all the 220 homes so the home owners of revillage don’t have to worry about paying maintainance charges related to cost of growing food ,cost to maintain, replace and repair solar system and cost to maintain the community or their homes .

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