India has great mythologies. Today’s every question has an answer in our myths, every confusion has a way in our myths. Today’s world is probably called a digital world and so every thing we desire to do happens so fast and due to this sometimes we lose our patience and might quit doing our desired thing. Let us go through a small story from our myths and recall, realize how ones dedication must be.

Once there was a great king called Vishwamitra. One day Vishwamitra along with his army was going through a forest for expedition. On his way he found a peaceful and beautiful region and was wonderstrucked by the region. He also found a hermitage at a little distance. When enquired he found that a great sage, Vasishta was living in that hermitage. Vasishta welcomed King Vishwamithra into the hermitage with all respect and started conversation. In the middle of the conversation, Vasishta came to know that the King was there with his large army. Anyhow, he insisted king to take their dinner there. Vishwamitra was again wonderstucked that how could a a poor sage serve him and his large army. However, an excellent was arranged to all of them. When Vishwamitra asked Vasishta, he said that was all because of Nandini, a cow gifted by her mother KamaDhenu. Vishwamitra was so attracted by the Cow and asked Vasishta to give that to him. But, Vasishta said that he had no power to give it to him as that was a gift for him by her mother. King Vishwamitra disliked Vasishta’s reply and asked his soldiers to bind Nandini.

Nandini was bind with ropes by the soldiers. But, it ran away like a wind towards Vasishta seeking for help. Nandini created a large army to fight against Vishwamitra, as a result Vishwamitra bought his 1000 sons to fight against Nandini, but all of them was destroyed by the fire created by the sage Vasishta. Vishwamitra was surprised by the powers of Vasishta and thereby decided to start a penance from that moment to attain such powers. So, Vishwamitra went to Himalayas and started doing penance for Lord Shiva. After many years, Lord Shiva came in front of Vishwamitra and agreed to give him a boon. Vishwamitra was given a boon of secret of all arrows, archeries that Yakshas, Gandharvas and Maharshis have. With this confidence he went to sage Vasishta again and started a fight with him with his arrows. Vasishta without any hardwork had kept his Yoga-Dhanda in front of him and it started swallowing all the arrows. Vishwamitra was shocked that all the arrows and weapons those he had obtained as a result of the penance for years were became useless and again defeated by sage Vasishta. But this defeat didn’t discourage vishwamitra. He realised that the power of arms was useless and decided to become a Brahmarishi. He didn’t decided to quit his decision of defeating Vasishta. He decided to perform penance once more to increase his powers.

This time, he went to a remote forest and started doing penance for Lord Brahma, the creator. Vishwamitra has continued his penance. Hundreds of years passed but Lord Brahma had nor appeared before him. Vishwamitra didn’t give up his penance. After a thousand years, Brahma was impressed and appeared before him and said that he had then became a Rajarishi. But, Vishwamitra said that his goal was to become a Brahmarishi and continued his penance once more. Meanwhile, Trishanku was a king and was a student of Vasishta, asked said Vasishta that he wanted to go to heaven. But, Vasishta said that was impossible. Trishanku then came to Vishwamitra and said the same thing. To win against Vasishta, Vishwamitra created a new heaven for Trishanku in southern sky and convinced other gods and Brahma by saying to not let his promise become false. He then won against all gods and Brahma. But later he realised that he consumed all his powers he gained by his penance of thousands of years to create a new heaven.

Now he has to start again beginning and did penance for one more thousand years. This time, Brahma appeared before him and said that he had then became a Rishi. But that didn’t satisfy Vishwamitra. His goal was to become a Brahmarishi. So, he again started doing penance. After thousand years, this time, he was seduced by a woman named Menaka and gave up his penance. He comsumed all his powers gained to impress her. He realised his mistake and agin started doing penance, after thousands of years of his penance, Brahma appeared before him and said that he had then became a Maharishi.

Vishwamitra had not satisfied as his goal was to become a Brahmarishi. He continued his penance. At last, Brahma accompanied by all the gods and said that Vishwamitra had then became a Brahmarishi.

Thus, Vishwamitra reached his goal by his tenacious efforts, unbroken dedication and concluded his penance. He was honored by the gods and sages alike.

Our dedication must be in the same way and should not be broken by any means to reach our desires and goals.

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