How Bollywood still not progressed on Racism and colour discrimination

Despite being such big industry and following, Bollywood in 2020 has still not progressed from its dated, racist and regressive ideology. Commercial Bollywood has still the same problem which has been born since the beginning of the Cinema. Same mentality has been perpetuated through all its films throughout the century. The cliché part is that it is not just about the glorifying of fair complexion but also to dark skin to be thought and followed as inferior. There have been shots that showed the not acceptability of dark skin tone in the life. There is much of lifestyle that depicts that they don’t believe and follow ancient rules like Gender discrimination, Hypocrisy and Racism but It is mere tragedy that still follows the Bollywood in the work upfront. And we know that how much we may scream about our ideology it will create impact only when it will come from our work and industry has quite a mile distant to achieving this.

Even though that was earlier in 20th century, the show of this century is still not so great in that terms. There have been times where this has been portrayed that fair ones belonged to richer and known families while other complexion must belong to lower and poor families. Also, it was determined that fair complexion would grow in professional and educative manner whereas other would become a wage illiterate worker or would be doing some low downsizing jobs.

There is still scenario where such characters are showed as craving to get attention and affection from a fair one while that fair one is the most corrupt and full of toxicity. Old times still can be ignored due to the regulations that were followed but time has changed for sure and now a sector of public has raced ahead of such discriminative cinema scripts in our country. It was showed like living around not so fair skin peoples gives you the license to do anything for yourself and anything to them despite it is legal or not. Everything is still being justified like extra affair and other activities just because they haven’t got their choice of skin in particular.

Quite a few of songs has been made like recent one in past decades that left us with nothing except the cringe worthy essence and false impact on young ones who seek their ideology from such movies and their stars. ‘Hum gore nahi, kale hi sahi’ and ‘Hum kale hai toh kya hua dilwale hain’ forces one another to realise that we maybe dark in skin, but we are also human and have heart like you all do. How caricaturist it makes human to such extent that they had to tell them of being human too. Few people may argue over it to not take literal but as they said meaning is still same you are just molding it. There is proper type ‘where we say in funny manner but we actually mean the right hidden truth‘, that is called sarcasm but that’s not looks like case here. Also, there is scenes that shows our thinking that peoples from other planet or too distant places will be black only and that too with no potential perception of them being human. Songs like “saat samundar” actually showcases that.

You can’t stop criticizing such mentality when you simply pass through. It is still same as fair complexion is restricted to good and justifying roles while mostly the funny and side roles. This has been stereotyped in such manner that most of the audience are addicted to it and they simply don’t understand the flaw and point in such things. Let’s take a moment from now on to tell our surrounding that how we all are being actually lied in terms of real modernisation and where we are bursting all the stereotypes. And this one is not different from anything. Its not that black colour peoples are also desirable but instead this that colour must not be criteria for anything cause it really does not matters.