How to prepare for college?

Change is the only constant in life. When we leave our teenage years behind, we go through some drastic life changes. For attending college, we may leave our homes, part with our friends, graduate from the school we grew up in and settle in a new, unfamiliar place. Adapting to these big changes is not easy, initially, we feel home-sick, may get into bad habits, have trouble making new friends, or even studying. Here are some things you can do to make your college life easier:

• Learning basic skills

At homes, we are used to being pampered and don’t have to do much around the house. From cooking to laundry, most of us teenagers rely on our parents, guardians or housemaids. This proves a tough challenge in college life. We have some time on our hands due to the global pandemic and we should utilise it to learn basic life skills. Learning how to cook and clean will help us greatly not only during our college years but after that as well. 

• Handling finance

Money, the most wanted paper in the world, but it’s never a part of our school’s curriculum. Until the age of 18, I never managed any sort of finance, be it my uber rides or school canteen bills. Immediately after, we are expected to operate ATMs, save money, have our own bank account and handle it while managing our studied and maintaining our social life. As learning about finance is one of the most important life skills, we should not wait till college. Familiarising with fiscal concepts such as expenditures and savings, utilising student benefits, et cetera is of extreme importance. 

• Being analytical 

In school, the approach for teaching students is different from college. College is more about learning through analysis, there is no one book we have to read or a well-defined course we have to follow. While referring to multiple sources, we have to practice an analytical approach when we answer. In college assignments, we may be asked to give our opinion on a topic or observe and write about a relevant movie or book. For this, we need to broaden our minds and get ready to learn. 

• Learning to deal with hassles

Hassles are minor incidents that occur without any warning and cause stress. Traffic while going to work or a power cut in the middle of a hot summer day are some hassles we may have to deal with. Thinking of proper solutions to handle these daily stress-causing issues is also a skill which we acquire only after facing them or learning through someone else’s experience. In our college life, we do not have a cushion to fall back on, therefore, the responsibility of handling every problem we face falls solely on us. Adding to our already difficult and new college life, daily hassles need to be conquered by preparing for them beforehand to have a less stressful day. 

Transitioning from school to college can be really tough. Make sure to do everything you can to prepare yourself for an amazing college life. After this pandemic ends, live your life to the fullest!

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