Healthy diet

Priya Yadav,

Food is the need of every person, which gives us energy. Food must be balanced for energy. A balanced diet means a meal that contains the right amount of protein, vitamins, carbohydrates, fat, and fiber. A balanced diet is very important for us to be healthy. A balanced diet includes rice, roti, lentils, green vegetables, milk, and curd, etc. We should all eat healthy food every day. Healthy food gives us a happy life. We should also eat fruits daily in a balanced.

Make fruits and vegetables the largest part of your meal – half a plate quantity:
Try to eat many colors and many types of fruits and vegetables. And remember that potato is not considered a vegetable in a healthy food plate, because eating potatoes has a negative effect on blood sugar, or ‘blood glucose’.

Eat most of the whole grain, or whole grains – one fourth plate volume:
Whole and Whole Grains – Whole Wheat, Barley, Millet, Juvar, Jai, ‘Brown Rice’ or Unprocessed Rice, and foods made from them, such as bread made from whole wheat – made from plain flour, ‘White Rice’, And other processed grains have less effect on blood sugar and insulin.

Protein strength – one fourth plate volume
Fish, chicken, lentils, and walnuts are sources of healthy and versatile protein – they can be added to a salad, and go well with vegetables. Red meat should be eaten less, and stay away from processed meat, such as bacon and sausages.

Healthy plant oil or vegetable oil – in moderate amounts:
Choose healthy vegetable oils, such as olive or ‘olive’, canola, soybean, sunflower, peanut, mustard, etc. oils, and stay away from ‘parsley hydrogenated’ oils, as they contain unhealthy ‘trans fats’. Remember, foods do not become “healthy” simply because they are low or zero fat.

Drink water, tea, or coffee:
Stay away from sweet pies, eat only one or two servings of milk and other milk-based foods a day, and drink at least a small glass of fruit juice a day.

Be active:
The red color on the placement of the healthy food plate is to remind you that being active is also essential for weight balance.

The main message of a healthy food plate is about “dietary quality”, or the quality of the diet.

It is more important to think about what types of carbohydrates we eat in our diet than by paying attention to the number of carbohydrates because some sources of carbohydrates – such as vegetables (other than potatoes), fruits, whole grains, and lentils – are higher than other sources Are healthy
A plate of healthy food also tells people to stay away from sweet pies, which are full of ush, or “calories” – and usually have little nutrition.
A plate of healthy food encourages people to eat healthy “vegetable oil”, and there is no upper limit on the consumption of “fats” from healthy sources.

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