The Secret Wishlist by Preeti Shenoy


This is a review I wrote 3 years back when I guess I was kind of really obsessed with books & esp. novels of all. Preeti Shenoy is my favourite author of all time. Now if you’ve ever read any of her compositions, you’ll realize her highlight is to develop a story in a simple language filled with an effortless narrative style. Her style holds you and keeps you captive & her plot twists have to be mind-blowing. And right in the end, she just sneakily tugs your heartstrings as she explores matters close to hearts. So here it goes…

Ever since I’ve set out for this new obsession of mine “of being a bookworm” of not very late, realizing I’ve thoroughly enjoyed & loved every novel of her I’ve read. Be it “It happens for a reason” or “ Tea for two and a piece of cake” and some more proly I don’t remember anymore. But “Life is how you make it” stays to be my favourite of all times. Also happens to be my very first novel. But this particular novel “The Secret Wishlist” holds a different niche in my heart. For it has such an appealing story, causing a revolution in my heart, to flip my perspective by a total 180 degree split against the stereotypes set up by society. Amazing right?! And so is the story. 

So I had to begin with this blogging with the very first review I have ever written.

Now this novel deals particularly with breaking through the cage of social evils, created by the Indian society for its inhabitants. The thought of extra-marital affair is what the novel describes to be fair. She makes her readers see through the situation by the vision of this lady called Diksha, who is stuck in this web of her duty & her call for her wants, dreams & wishes.

After leading a happy married life with her husband Sandeep, for the past fifteen years. And they have a son, Abhay. Every day she just performs her duties without ever bothering about her feelings & expectations. She doesn’t seem to mind her mundane life either. 

But then she now feels frustrated, irritated & tired. Recalling the past, about her little crime she committed when she was sixteen fills her with a mixture of emotions. Finally, this makes her family take a tough decision on her. Eventually made to marry at a very early age, Diksha repents now for her deeds. Feeling, being obedient to her family will simply wash off her sins committed in the past. But what she didn’t realize then, was it would cause her to only accumulate a dozen sacks filled with pain & grudges overtime.

Now a sudden event in her cousin’s life seems to jolt her out. This is the point, where she finally realizes & decides to take some control over her life & form a wishlist. A heart-to-heart conversation between the two, finally makes her jot down the things she dreams of doing. Stuffs like snorkeling, drinking booze & learning salsa.

Diksha, who after approx. 18-years suddenly meets Ankit, her long lost love. Will she ever think of getting back to him? Will, she ever develop the courage to face the society, knowing the things she’s doing, the society disapproves of it? It’s the outlook of a woman, who is tired of acting as an obedient daughter, a befitting mother & a dutiful wife.

After fifteen years of her life when she has finally realized what she really wants from her life, by making her “The Secret Wishlist”, will she ever make it happen? Will she break through the cage of limitations in her heart and fly like a bird again? Well, to answer these questions, yes she does. Life leads her on a new way after this, ticking off each & every itinerary on her list. Naturally, this has lead her to succeed in developing courage & realizing her rights as a woman. She is very close to even realizing her dreams. But will she ever catch hold of her wishes? Will she be brave enough to confront Sandeep about her extramarital affair with Ankit? Moreover, will her parents approve of it?

Even after Ankit insisted on his company, to face her family members together, Diksha rejected his offer. Will she be able to handle the whole situation alone?
Well, for now, this is it. The rest of it is for me to know & you to find out.
So don’t forget to check out this exclusive novel  “The Secret Wishlist” 
‘Cause my friend, trust me it’s more fascinating discovering things on your own.