Education and Knowledge; Indian youth needs both and also need to know the meaning between the two

Article by – Shishir Tripathi

Intern at Hariyali Foundation
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Educational News

The basic life skills like speaking and writing are told to a kid by the parents and the school too so that the student should not get into any type of difficulty in Academics in future. Not all but only few kids get it wholly along with a blend of etiquettes, manners and healthy interpersonal skills.

Even at present not only teenagers and youngsters, some middle aged people too don’t really know whether they are really educated or not. Those who are just knowledgeable might be getting confused in these words. Let’s make it more clear and simple.

Knowledge is simply the process of acquiring facts and information through a teacher in a school or a tuition teacher and learning skills along with the information written in books. By Going to a school a kid can become a knowledgeable person in future but he cannot become an educated man.

Oops, getting heavier and blur to understand! Let’s now remove the curtain from what does it mean by education and being educated.

Education is a wider concept; it’s like an enlightening experience in a person’s life. Some children are blessed to have parents and teachers too who educate them by telling them the basic values to be followed in life. The way how to talk an elder person, how to speak in such way that the elder person’s respect must not reduces, how to behave with friends and family socially, what to say to a boy or girl, why to share things, how to help the needy people how to understand someone else’s feelings, how to empathize with people and many more things are covered under this single word ‘education’

A person can be illiterate but he or she can be educated whereas a knowledgeable person, who is a post graduate from a reputed institute, doesn’t mean that he or she is educated in true sense. People from a very long time have been using the words knowledge and education together but there’s a big hidden difference in both of these words.
In these evolving times, human values and etiquettes are actually lost somewhere in between the figures showing growth, GDP, profits, revenue, etc. Children, when they grow up, mistreat their parents and elders and send them to old aged homes. A brother kills the other brother just because of a piece of land or some countable notes. A student misbehaves with a teacher who implants all the knowledge and facts in his brain. A boy speaks ill words to a girl and throws acid on her face to destroy her beauty who simply just not accepted his proposal. A group of young lads troubles the old man who carries his household stuff purchased from his limited pension. A person steals a scooter standing with a key in market. A son who not at all replies to his parent’s questions. A daughter who thinks her mother is so old fashioned to be taken to a party nearby.

Actually, the basic problem is how the child grows up. What is being told him, what is the environment he encounters, when he is appreciated, for what he is appreciated and a lot more incidents and people shape a person into a well developed human being with good etiquettes, habits and hence good demeanor.

Therefore, it is equally important for the parents, schools and people who are around a child.

Getting him learn how to respect others, how to appreciate others, how to talk to people, how to behave in public is all that is needed for a better world with good sensible souls. If parents and people ignore the importance of inculcation of good habits in the children, then not only the children’s’ life get hampered but an individual raised differently will also became for the society and his family too.

That is why it was rightly mentioned on a page named ‘kalam_se_kaleje_tak’ on Instagram that –
“You can be very knowledgeable but that doesn’t mean you are educated in true sense”.

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