Financial Modeling – An upcoming career in Finance!

Financial Modeling deals with the analysis of a company’s performance on applicable financial factors. The certification course of Financial Modeling mostly comes along with MS Excel training. It helps professionals to handle finance models applying Microsoft Excel. MBA students, Risk Analysts, Credit Analysts, professionals of project finance, business analysts, investment bankers and IT professionals are the ones who are eligible for this course.

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Financial Modeling is widely used in investment banking, corporate banking, risk departments, etc. There is a wide range of opportunities and roles available after the completion of this course.

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– Financial Analyst
– Financial Manager
– Business Analyst
– Market Research Analyst

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Why is excel modeling so important?

As a manager, a substantial portion of any MBA graduate’s role is decision – making. Managers are expected to understand complex business processes and provide inputs to the senior management to aid in the process of decision making. While studying these business aspects, managers face numerous challenges on how the different aspects of business are interacting with each other. If these interactions are organized in a structured manner, process understanding is simplified, leading to faster decisions.

Financial Modeling in Excel (Step by Step Free Guide + Template)

Spreadsheet modeling helps in transforming the business decision making process into an organized structure. There are multiple variables that impact any business. Each variable can be individually introduced into the model and the impact of the variable in the overall decision making can be studied.

A financial model is simply a tool (generally built in Excel) to forecast a business’s financial future. It serves as one of the critical inputs for financial analysis and valuation. Knowing how to build an integrated 3-statement financial model and Discounted Cash Flow (DCF) model is a must-have skill for professions like equity research, investment banking and private equity.

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