Cinema can be path breaker in ending Racism and colour discrimination

Over some articles in past few days, we have discussed about the problem cinema has across the country. We are learning though, but we are still taking baby steps towards this movement. Alternatively, cinema around the world has gone through same but they are gradually learning and are ending this at much faster rates then us. There have been some examples where this issue has been busted very well. Hollywood has become progressively aware of situations and social implications of movies. They have corrected themselves exponentially in addressing such issues in mean time.

Industry comparison

But that’s not limited to the Hollywood, but one part of India has shown same level of sense. Often, we quote them as south cinema, but they are actually the Malayali cinema that has implicated the breakthrough. This industry has literally shocked everyone and has emerged in terms of defining the beauty standards. It has actually worked on the qualification one need to be feature in a movie in spite of being just fair in skin tone. They have really changed the perception and glorified the cinema that makes all proudly utter that we are the consumer of such cinema.

We might not have seen much of this thing as they so generous that they don’t even feel to go Gaga over their achievement. This is the quality a real cinema is all about because we are doing good, but it is not a miracle to cheer upon it. On the other hand, our industry is still at making, because even if we get successful like this, we will definitely be preachy about this and loads of award will be showered like a god has done some special just for our country.

If you just compare the advertisement of both industry, you will find the controversies around fair and lovely brand that makes fairness creams and showcases the same old mentality while Malayali ad of same product will just mesmerize you with their vision and justification of cream and advertisement.

Contrary we are addicted to justify that you might be darker in tone but we still feel good for you where it should have been just that we feel good about you irrespective of colour. Not to make one feel about their complexion and then showing our great mentality.


But the fresh breeze has come ultimately with people not just dismissing the concept of such thing, we actually are taking dig to it and continuously objecting such vision of faulty measures. Earlier this was the condition that anything with some glossy and grandeur setup will be accepted but this has completely changed by now.

Due to unending debate of outsiders vs insiders, audience has now started understanding the purpose of cinema and Importance of content including such great thoughts of modernisation that ends these racism and colour discrimination problems. Cinema has power of uniting the whole world on one stand just like music does. Movies and films have language, but cinema and content does not rely on the language only.

Instead, such cinema which is positively uniting and providing a real thought that might change the world is getting appreciated. You may take example of Money heist and Parasite for both yet separate scenario of good content and good ideology. The reach of good cinema has increased exponentially in lockdown as audience is realising the worth of cinema and how easily it can put a very debatable topics be it community, racism, Colour discrimination, Religion and human behaviour at most of everything.