Bollywood Movies That Should Be Watched

The Bollywood industry is not sensitive towards the LGBTQ+ community, colourism, casteism, classism, rape culture, harassment, sexism, mental health problems, et cetera. This significantly affects the quality of the productions in Bollywood, be it movies or songs. This defeats the purpose of overcoming these problems in our country by popularising them further among the youth. We tend to imitate our ideals, thus, when we see our favourite actor or actress performing something problematic, either we accept it or dismiss it. Thus, we need to avoid these movies and promote the ones that are actually good. Some of the movies produced by the Bollywood cinema which must be watched are in stark contrast with each other, however, they have an important place in the industry. They are: 

-Article 15

Caste hierarchy existed in India for a long time, thus, our Constitution makers presented a draft in the November of 1948 immediately after India achieved independence. Article 15 states that “The State shall not discriminate against any citizen on grounds only of religion, race, caste, sex or any of them” and it aims to eliminate the caste system from the deep roots of our society. This movie raises awareness about the multi-layered casteism that prevails in our country, more frequently observed in the rural areas. Directed and written by Anubhav Sinha, it primarily focuses on the Indian caste system and along with it corruption, rape, politics, and many more social issues and how an IPS, born and brought up in a city away from these issues, fights for justice. 

-Kapoor & Sons

A complete genre than Article 15 but equally emotionally exhausting, Kapoor & Sons portrays problems that are faced by a family. It shows how every family member plays a significant role in the family. Eventually, roles get defined for every member such as the funny one, the fighter, the rational one, et cetera. In this movie, we see the Kapoor family coming together after overcoming the issues that they had with each other. This movie takes us on an emotional roller coaster, from laughing with the grandfather (Amarjeet, played by Rishi Kapoor) to crying when many family problems come to light. 

Some other movies include Pad Man which is about a husband who works towards making affordable sanitary pads after his marriage when he realises his wife’s struggle of using cloth during her menstruation. He further works for providing women with the pads that he made and raises awareness about periods. 

Bulbbul is another movie which focuses on child marriage, domestic violence, rape, and sexism. In this movie, Bulbbul, the protagonist, suffers in her marriage and dedicates herself towards stopping crime against women in her village. It is a movie which will leave you shocked about the harsh reality of India. 

Other movies that you can add to your list are Pink, Barfi, Toilet: Ek Prem Katha, Peepli Live, and many more. There are some movies that should not be watched as well, such as Kabir Singh, a movie which was widely questioned but managed to be a blockbuster. 

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