The Creation Of Women

We often hear a lot of things about the creation of women. But what exactly is the truth?

The truth is….We don’t know. According to the Hindu theology,due to the period of Kaliyuga,many misconceptions and misunderstandings have arised amongst the people. What is Kaliyuga? Well,Kaliyuga has its own history and its own theory and prediction. But…let’s not delve into the concept of Yugas just yet. 

Various theologies have various descriptions about the creation of women. Hindu theology was chosen because  we always like to write about the things which we know. And if we don’t,then we learn and explore. One should never mislead the people’s beliefs. And which is why one should do utmost research about the concept before writing it down. The creation of  Woman,described in  Matsya Purana is as follows:

Lord Brahma is said to be the father of the creator of this universe.  After he created the first man (Manu),he started the creation of the first woman. It is said that even the Gods were sometimes mistaken in the terms of understanding women. So, when Lord Brahma was in the middle of creating the generation of women,a devduta came to Brahma. He asked the lord who created the whole universe in just a minute,why did the creation of a women  took him 6 days!? Brahma said that  this  creation was going to be his best creation until now. Because she,upon completion would be extremely cherishing towards her family. She would be determined and calm in every situation no matter any calamity that arised. Devduta then went to examine the lord’s creation. And then he came to order and exclaimed ,how weak she was! Brahma said that there is a difference between the property of being delicate and weak. Women have the property of being delicate. That does not mean that she does not have the strength to stand for herself. Maybe she is delicate externally,but look inside,she is strong as diamond and will not break. This is women. After this, Devduta  asked , why exactly was she filled with moisture when he touched her? Brahma explained that the moisture was actually the tears that were shed by her. Women,when upset sheds her grief in the form of tears. After her tears were shed,she again returned to be the same,determined and strong as ever. Not only women,but anyone,when someone cries does not mean that they are coward or not strong enough. When one cries,we should not patronise them,but help them during their hardships and if they need some alone time,we should be sensible enough to give it to them that time. After which,Devduta asked that whether she would

have the ability to think wisely. Brahma said that she would be the face of intelligence,who would leave her legacy to her children and would be the educator of the family.

People often criticise one another for not being good at one or the other things. This makes one feel extremely insecure about themself. The thing is,when we talk or converse with anyone,one should think about the consequences and the influence of his talk on the other person. As said by the wise ones,’Words are sharper and cause more harm then most of the weapons’. While talking,we often tend to say many misguiding things which we may not be aware of. We are mere humans,and will make mistakes through our lives,but does that mean to continue those mistakes just thinking that we are merely humans? Life is a teacher when you don’t learn from it,it repeats your own mistakes. We come across many such quotations in our lives. The importance which is actually remembered? Hardly some of them. But does that mean to stop trying at all . And this question remains unanswered. Because this is a space which we have to fill. The question is…Will we?

Thus was the creation of women,and the birth of the first Kshatriyas. We learn many things from our theologies,but the day when we start to apply them in our lives,we change. This does not mean to continue the inhuman practices. Traditions and cultures are bound to be changed with time,because the time has changed,and so will the rituals.

Note: If the above article offends you in any way,kindly tell the reason for it. There is absolutely no  intent to mislead the people in the above article .

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