Aatmanirbhar Bharat – Can We Make It?

Our beloved prime minister announced a mission called Aatmanirbhar Bharat a few days back. A thick package was also announced to achieve this goal. First of all, I honestly feel very happy and proud of this decision. It made me feel like India is taking a step towards the nation which Dr. Abdul Kalam wanted to create.
It looks too great on paper. Everything made in India, no foreign support. But is it really practical? Just funding a huge amount to our industrial sector will help? Just take this money and manufacture every single component at the workplace. Is it that easy? Obviously, it is not.
We live in a nation and society where education is only about scoring good marks and finally making it to the job of a thick package. The primary level student has the most curious brain. They keep on thinking out of the box. But do they get support? No, they don’t. Even they try to approach their parents or teachers with innovative thoughts and questions, they get ignored. Teachers ask them to focus only on studies calling their ideas foolish. It is the point where we kill an innovation, knowingly or unknowingly. These ignited minds struggle every point in their life. Everybody laughs at them for their ideas, right from school to college to office. They always feel their talent getting spoiled. Now, these people after taking a huge frustration, move abroad to earn and join a firm. These pure super brains go in foreign countries, work hard in the companies, innovative things they always wanted and make that nation’s economy grow. At last, we are only left with a newspaper heading stating ” an Indian origin” person innovated something.
We need to begin from the root level before focusing on the manufacturing sector. If we prepare good students, encourage their ideas, make them grow then these students are the only innovators of tomorrow. Innovation should be included in the syllabus of our education system. I don’t mean final year projects here. We all know how students do that and how innovative it is. I’m talking about pure innovation in every standard of the education system. Only putting innovation in the syllabus won’t help. The teachers need to encourage student’s ideas and help them to innovate out of it. Right from the ancient time, our nation has been blessed with many super brains that ever existed. But it happened many times that their talent got spoiled or stolen by the foreigners. So to really make India aatmanirbhar, we first need to improve these little things. Little by little, this mentality will change for sure. One day we all will say with pride looking at things around ” Made In India “. It will be the win for Aatmanirbhar Bharat.

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