Drug Addiction


Drug addiction is a worldwide malady. Eating into the vitals of the younger generation of the country. They are the future hopes of the nation. It had posed a grave problem to the society in the eighties. In the USA & some other developed western countries, it is so widespread that about 75% of the entire population is drug-addict, directly or indirectly. In India & many other developing countries, it has spread like a wildfire in the last few decades, leading the nation to the point of being doomed.

 Generally, the young people of the well-to-do family fall into prey to drug addiction. Substances such as L. S. D, marijuana, heroin, cocaine, and nicotine are considered drugs. This drug trafficking enters the country from the USA, Pakistan, Burma, Thailand & Afganistan through illicit smugglers & some rich influential mafia groups. Unscrupulous pedlars sometimes sell these drugs through drugged food secretly thus making school goers & University students drug addicts at a very primitive age. This affects their life extensively & the trend is totally going crazy with the rise of the lucrative business of some extremely greedy dishonest businessman & mafia group who are carrying on this drug trafficking secretly.

 There are many causes of drug addiction. The younger generation generally takes it up as a fad in or to copy the Western people. This habit results from frustration, deserted love, parental neglect, disinterest in studies, loneliness, unemployment stress & most importantly peer pressure. So it may be termed as a result of the modern way of life & industrial & western civilization. The process begins with some youths adapting without being aware of it. But once they take recourse to drugs, it’s tough to shake off this evil habit.

 Drugs interact with the brain and body to alter moods, emotions, and behaviors by changing brain chemistry and a person’s perceptions, and by impacting how individuals interact with the world around them. It brings drowsiness, causes hallucinations, migrates people to the dreamland of their own pleasant creation. This makes them escapists from the harder realities of life & relieves them from the struggle of existence. It brings a very ruinous effect on their consumers, shattering their physical, mental & moral health & corrupting them completely. Moreover, it has the caliber to cause most killer disease, AIDS.

 So all attempts must be made to uproot this evil habit of drug addiction from the society at an early date and at all costs in order to save the young generations from this sure & steady destruction. The Government must enact strict laws to face & stop this nuisance of drug trafficking. Campaigns must be regularly held & supported by the mass media. Arrangements should be taken for proper & speedy rehabilitation of the reformed drug addicts in the society so that they can return to their normal life.