Find Happiness In Little Things!…

Rick was a scholar guy. He always used to top the boards. Everything was good with him except for his financial background. This made him scary and he used to be always under stress. Every little thing happening around would bother him deeply. He never dared to take risks in his life because of this fear. Rick was very much into himself and had very few friends in college. There was a girl in his class. She was always in a race with Rick for the first rank. She tried to talk to Rick at times but Rick’s fear made him run away from her. After a few days, Rick began to speak a little with her. She was a carefree girl, thinking about a single day at a time and living it at fullest and Rick used to be under stress every day thinking about the future. So basically, she was exactly the opposite of Rick. Now Rick was feeling comfortable being with her. He began to share things with her which he never did with anyone. He began to open up in front of her and she was just setting him free from his every single fear. She was an angel with a magical wand for Rick. She came into his life and changed it totally. Now Rick was confident about everything. He now dared to take risks to succeed. He even forgot that he had a fear disorder in the past. She made Rick meet his inner and actual self. Now Rick was a happy guy. Later they end up marrying each other and lived happy life together.
We also behave like Rick in our life. Rick is a character replica of Raju Rastogi from 3 idiots. We knowingly or unknowingly search for the one in our life who will set us free from all our scars and fears and be with us till the end.
When a human is born, the first thing it does is to cry. Crying is considered as a sign of sorrow. But our life begins only with a cry. It is the only time when your mother and loved ones smile when you cry. This is what tell us that there is happiness after sorrows.
You grow up. Life begins to show it’s a darker side to you. It’s the time when a face which used to smile on every little thing begins to cry and worry for everything. Our brain has the only job that is to think. When you encounter tough situations in life, your mind keeps on recreating the scene, again and again, making us anxious. You must have heard about the saying that you don’t laugh on the same joke again and again then why do you worry about the same thing again.

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