Music: An Underrated Stress Buster!…

I was going through some tough time these days. I felt like drowning in anxiety and overthinking. I didn’t even tell anyone about it.
One day I got so much lost in anxiety that I had to tell it to my best friend. He was talking with me, trying to convince and comfort me but it didn’t help. Meanwhile, a song from the movie ” Dear Zindagi ” was playing inside my head. I waited for a while and then opened my music application and played that song. I was listening to music after a very long time. With my headphones on, I was listening to music. On one side, my friend was convincing me and on the other, I was listening to music. After some time, I was feeling a bit calm and relaxed. Music helped to burst my stress.
I used to be an active music listener. But these days, I got stuck in life issues so much which took me away from music. Stress has become a major part of life. To counter with it, I even begin to meditate. But now I feel only meditation won’t help, music also needs to be there.
We must have heard from many that meditation can help you to relieve the stress. It is absolutely true that meditation, deep breathing exercises help you to stay calm and reduce anxiety. But now after coming back again to music, I feel the music is very much underrated. Soothing music can help you heal. Music has the power to change your mood. It can bring you from a state of anxiety to the state of peace. So what measures do we need to take when we feel anxious? Firstly you need to meditate and go through a deep breathing exercise. After that, you should go through your playlist and play the songs you love for a long time. But you need to play only soothing songs as they can only calm you down. One more thing, listening to music with headphones on will create a major impact. Headphones make you stay there to listen to music. It will prevent your mind from wandering towards negative emotions. These small things can help you a lot to maintain the peace. Give it a try!…

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