How to become fluent in English

English is not a difficult language the reason behind why most of the people as well as different companies have made English as one of the compulsory languages because it is clear and easily understood by the people of every country. In order to become fluent in English you need to practice here are some tips to become fluent.


Reading is the first step towards your target. Read as much as you can. And mind you this has to become a ritual for you, even when you think you have gained considerable fluency. Just read and read and read, make the language so familiar to your brain that you will be very comfortable in using it while reading or speaking. Reading has more benefits.

It enhances your vocabulary, which is one of the major cause that you can not attain enough confidence to understand and speak in English. Develop a good reading habit Initially, start reading with some novels or anything that contains a simple English, it should contain mostly the words that we use in our day to day life. For example, you can go for various novels like The Secret, The Alchemist, or something that interest you.

Develop understanding of the language, when you read more, you understand more, and thus, you connect more. Just like, since your childhood, you have such an excellent understanding of your mother tongue and your native language, because you have a habit of reading, speaking and listening to it everywhere around you. What if you do the same with English!

Enrich the pronunciation


Watch English movies and serials without subtitles. Make your ears and brain identify and recognize the words you are reading. After reading any particular topic, try to watch a video or show about that topic so your brain and ears will pick up the words and sentences, that you have already read, being said in different ways. Try to make a mental note about words and start using it in your spoken language slowly and make it a habit. Once you ears become adept at processing the spoken language and words, you will win half the battle. Listen to English songs,newsetc.


Writing is the best way to put your thoughts and views in words make a diary and write what you think about a particular topic in English and make it a habit. It helps a lot in improving English.


Have confidence and start speaking it. The journey will take you from the Wrong to the Right. In your free time, practice it in personal, in front of the mirror, in your phone voice recorder etc. Speak anything for long in English and record it in your phone and then listen to it. You will come to know about the flaws you did in the pronunciation and the common mistakes.

Be consistent and work hard, it’s gonna be fun throughout the journey of improving yourself.

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