What Will People Say…

Being a social animal, it becomes extremely important for humans to follow certain specific rules and societal duties. There is no person in this world who knows everything. Whoever we meet, we get to learn something from the person we meet. We must respect the attitude and viewpoint of other people in every way. We must always keep our minds open to listen to other people and understand them.

But it is not at all like we to be slaves to the reaction of others, their opinions or thoughts. Modern psychology emphasizes that one should try to establish a healthy image of himself/herself, to relate to him or her. Ask yourself – should your image be according to the choice of others.

Should it be according to what other people say? Should it be what other people expect? Will you make the rules of your life according to other people? Will other people determine what you will wear, what you will eat, how to dress? Such a life can be unbearable for any person. Many people are constantly under pressure to determine and identify their self-image.

What will the neighbours think if I go to work? What would people say if I did not give a party? What would my acquaintances say if I did not marry my daughter to a luxurious wedding? And this cycle goes on continuously. When you ask these questions what people will say, then my answer will always be that you should not be worried about what other people will say.

Let them say. But it should not be at all that anything they say bothers you. What people will say does not matter at all. It only matters what you do. You should only do your duty.

What they say, Let them just say.