Enough is Enough!!!

Enough is enough! After what happened “again” yesterday ,how are the authorities so casual? Why is the blood still not boiling? Although, it should have, a long time ago when these pathetic people even think of molesting and raping a girl. How do they even not think of the consequences or how do they even have the guts to touch a girl inappropriately. From a 6 months old to a 90 year old lady no baby, girl or a woman is SAFE. Why is the law so lenient when it comes to such heart breaking moments. Yet again a NIRBHAYA and god knows how many suffer daily without being highlighted.

What was the fault of an innocent girl working in the field when she was gang raped by men who don’t even deserve to be called Humans any more. How long will they take to give her justice. 7-8 years? When will we get a law that instills fear in these disgusting men who are free as hell and do whatever  they feel like. We need a law following which these people will think at least 100 times before even touching a girl without her consent! 

Only the bearer knows where the shoe pinches. Nobody can even think of feeling the pain that victim goes through. Not only her but her family, her parents who can not bear the pain of their child suffering. The double standards of the society and it’s people are also disgusting. She must not be in appropriate clothes or she would have only done something. are the comments a victim has to listen. What is the problem in clothes of a girl ? How does that define her consent of un appropriate touches? What should a 6 month old baby wear to protect herself from being raped? Or what should even a teenager or a woman wear ? Do rapes not happen when a girl is wearing a salwar kameez ? And then they are the ones who come up with candles marches and protests on social media with trending hashtags of justice to prevail!! Is that a joke ?

These candle marches and slogans and protests will do nothing until we have a firm law that punishes those criminals as soon as they are suspected. No means no!! When are we going to teach our sons that a No means No. Even if you are married and your wife says not to touch her, you DON’T  because she said so. There are no If’s and no But’ s then left to answer. It is your duty to make her feel protected. It is the duty of every nation to provide security to their women. The slogans of Women Empowerment is of no use until you don’t really Empower them. It is the duty of every citizen to make sure there are no Nirbhayas in this world. It is the duty of the Law of every country to have appropriate judicial system to take action against these criminals and provide justice to the victim as soon as possible. It is high time that education reaches to all the people in the country so that their pathetic minds can turn into productive ones . It is important to teach your kids  the importance of respecting everybody and every gender. To teach them to draw a line between the wrong and the right. All the schools should teach their girls the good touch and the bad touch in all levels of classes. Be it nursery or Higher education. Sex Education is another important thing to be provided to everybody.  There is no harm in teaching your kids and it is rather very necessary in today’s world. Be friendly with your kids .Make sure they don’t hide anything from you .Trust them when they say something is wrong. There are times when parents don’t listen to their girls when she says a relative has done something wrong with her, that should never happen listen to them until it is too late for you to even regret. Talk to them if you feel they are not okay. Do not ignore the signs it can result in something very disastrous. 

“Rape is one of the most terrible crimes on earth and it happens every few minutes. The problem with groups who deal with rape is that they try to educate women about how to defend themselves. What really needs to be done is teaching men not to rape. Go to the source and start there.”
― Kurt Cobain

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