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Whenever it comes to our own business, most of us hesitate because of the risk and that risk is of the money we are going to invest but what if I say you can start your business without any investment? ? Yes you read it correct today I am going to share some business ideas which requires zero investment. If you have a job then don’t leave your job because businesses are very uncertain in initial stages and also you cannot make risk management plan in the beginning itself because you will not having much assets to hold you up . start your business along with your job and read the signals you are getting from it. If you see potential growth and and good chances of growth then you can quit your job and reinvest the revenue you generated to expand and grow your business.

Now coming to the point, below are some business ideas, you can start with literally zero investment.

  1. EVENT PLANNER – If your city is having fine population and good number of restaurants, cafes and malls Then event planner will be a right choice for you. There are lots of events like wedding, anniversary, birthdays, corporate events, kitty party, freshers and farewell etc. You have to tie up with local venues, caterers, decorators etc and you can charge your management fees.
  2. CONSULTANT- If you have deep knowledge and expertise in a particular field or subject you can become a freelance consultant. Let say you are a law student and you have good knowledge in corporate laws or you are an MBA student you can be a business consultant. There can infinite fields. But make sure you have good knowledge don’t misguide anyone.
  3. CAREER COUNSELLOR-THE career counsellors are in demand now a days due to vast career options students are confused about what to choose. You can 10th appearing students to which subject to choose or 12th pass and graduates to find their potential. Many schools invites career counsellors for conducting sessions in their schools.
  4. FITNESS TRAINER-with the increasing consciousness for health, the demand for fitness trainers are also increasing you can start it with just a website and can start giving fitness training through vedio call and make a diet plan for them.
  5. WRITER- If you love writing and have good relation with words you can become a professional writer .you can be an ebook writer, copywriter, you can write content for brouchers, magazines, posters, flyers or websites or digital banners.

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