Don’t forget your roots, your Parents

Article by – Shishir Tripathi

Intern at Hariyali Foundation
In collaboration with
Educational News

When a child is born, the two happiest souls on the earth are the parents. It is a lovely creation of god and it is a part of their body. The child now grows up. Shouts in the afternoon, cries in the night and the parents, they are continuously engaged in handling the baby. After sometime child starts calling ‘mummy’ and ‘papa’, and listening this is a dream of every parent. Now as time passes by the kid starts going to school, then college, then the little child who is developed into an adult gets a job and finally gets married to someone.

But as it is general rule that time passes for everyone, for the child’s transformation into an adult and the younger parents getting older by each passing day. Initially it was the responsibility of the parents to take care of that innocent infant but in old age parents need attention from the children, they want someone to talk them, to listen them but unfortunately only few elderly people are lucky in true sense to have responsible children.

In India as people are following the west, the culture of living in a joint family is ending and now people want privacy. Privacy is so important for these grown up children that even their parents who made them enter the world become just a burden.

People in the name of being modern are leaving their parents all alone to agonize in their loneliness and old age. Human beings when become older certain physical and mental changes happen inside the body and let me tell you, which is all very natural. Everyone goes through the same phase and ha to go through the same phase. One can’t reverse the time; hence not even the ageing factor too. People send their parents to old age homes, so that their parents won’t disturb their private and married life.

Development is good, accepting the new trends and getting familiar with the current time is also good but leaving them all alone for agonizing with hunger and loneliness, who gave birth to you, taught you walking talking, eating and what not. In India many children leave their parents and get settled somewhere else and never comeback. Parents who were so happy that they’ve got such cute and lovely kid whom they’ll be making a good, responsible adult, are left with pain, sadness and tears.

There are many incidents to prove the same. Recently, one year back it was in news that an old woman jumped off from the terrace of her building. Everyone including his son and daughter in law were all, so sad. But after investigation and the CCTV footage it was revealed that the son himself dragged her mother upstairs and throws her away from the terrace as she was old and suffering from a disease. This is so painful to listen and read. The mother who carried him in her womb for 9 months facing all the pains and difficulties was killed by his son himself. Hearing and listening such incidents, shatter the heart.

The mind is compelled to think that how these so called civilized but uncultured and heartless children do such shameful acts against Humanity. Parents are the protective shield who prevent their children from landing into different types of problems.

The world will progress each day, each year, but an individual needs to stay grounded and humble towards his or her parents. Parents are the ones who spent their entire life in forming the future and the entire life of their children and this must not be forgotten. Parents and elderly are needed to be given proper respect and attention. The responsibility of taking care of their parents’ physical as well as mental health has to be taken by the children only.

Therefore it is time to meet and hug your parents and making themselves feel so good that yes, they are not alone. Their children are there beside them in this life of journey.

And each parent deserves all the happiness and respect from his children.

Remember readers.

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