Insomnia Or Insomniac?

Tell me what is it that makes you to say “I’m an Insomniac” or “I have a problem of not sleeping”. For some it can be a problem or a type of disease but, for many of them it is just using a cool word.

Hello pals, today let’s talk about this problem. Frankly, I don’t know if it is a problem or not, because there was time when I too couldn’t sleep in night but yes I was able to sleep in morning. There were time when night was the most enjoyable time in the whole day. And also there was a time when I can’t sleep because of thinking something.

It may be happening because you are tensed or worried about something to happen which you don’t have any control on it. So, what’s the point of this. I’m sure you have also thought about it, but, at last you put your hands down in makeing it right. There’s always a saying ” A healthy sleep is better then an apple a day”.

So, what ever it is that not letting you sleep is kind of wining over you. Let’s just think about it in this way, that what ever problem you are having is your enemy. And what an enemy always want to win, restless mind. So, if you don’t get a sleep for a required amount of time then it’s you who is letting your enemy or problem to win. In some way we can also say that if you are not sleeping because of something, yet you aren’t reaching somewhere in solving it, what if having a decent amount of sleep is the only key to solution. Try it, because I’m sure that trying this will give you less chance of loosing then not trying it.

And now, for those who think using the word Insomniac is cool. No, it is not. Because when you use it several times then your mind start believing it as a real problem. Just like, telling a lie 100 times makes it equal to a truth.

So, learn the difference between them and act wisely. And always remember, not sleeping because of some problem is actually a problem. So, now go and sleep.

See yaa..