Prime Minister inaugurates Ro-Pax service between Hazira-Ghogha in Gujarat

Prime Minister Narendra Modi today virtually inaugurated the Ro-Pax ferry service between Gogha and Hajira in Gujarat. Speaking on the occasion Prime Minister Modi termed this service as the ‘genext’ transport and infrastructure for the people of Gujarat. He said that it will improve the ‘Ease of Living’ and boost economic prosperity in the region. Prime Minister Modi also interacted with the people who will be immensely benefited by this service.

AIR Ahmedabad correspondent reports that the Ro-Pax service marks a big step towards harnessing water ways and integrating them with the economic development of the country. There will be many benefits of the Hazira-Ghogha Ro-Pax ferry service. It will work as a Gateway to South Gujarat and Saurashtra region. It will reduce the distance between Ghogha and Hazira from 370 Km to 90 Km. The reduced cargo travel time from 10 to 12 hours to about 4 hours will result in huge savings of fuel approx 9000 litres per day and lower the maintenance cost of vehicles drastically. The ferry service, while making 3 round trips per day  on the Hazira-Ghogha route, would annually transport about 5 lakh passengers, 80,000 passenger vehicles  50,000 two wheelers and 30000 trucks. It will also lead to reduction in  CO2 emission by approximately 24 MT per day and net saving of approximately 8653 MT per annum. It will give an impetus to the tourism industry with ease of access to Saurashtra region and lead to creation of new jobs.

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