A Note to myself

I’m here because like every other 14 year old I thought becoming a doctor only takes considerable amount of studying and good amount of heart to serve others. Well, it turns out to be totally opposite. Number of hours spent in mugging up how deoxygenated and oxygenated blood are separated, I realised perhaps ‘heart’ isn’t really for me. So I asked my brain what else I can manage to do, so it brought back certain memories of me fighting ( Indians don’t debate, we fight- for proof, kindly switch on republic TV) on political issues, ill-informed policies, general miss guided physical and mental health, education and not to forget my all time favourite Modi ji.

I have always been an all rounder ( that’s what my relatives and I believe mutually for the first time), always been in top 5 of the batch till I changed my school in 9th standard ( I was earlier in Xavier’s School and changed to Jesus And Mary- this was a dream school for my parents and thank god at least I completed one). After 9th, my academic graph is not less than a roller coaster or perhaps just like India’s employment rate.  I remember changing school and this whole swapping affecting grades but it turns out I found myself in the process. I became outspoken and put my views without any hesitation of criticism. Once, there came an interschool event and we had to prepare a debate for it. I was one of the few students who actually prepared one. I, at that time, didn’t know being a new student and participating in interschool activity was a big deal until I got applauded for not only the effort but also the substance of the debate. I remember my class teacher telling my father ‘ I’m proud to have her in class’. Coming this from a teacher who is known for her strictness was a huge compliment for me. I felt like a warrior that day. Soon I realised life can teach you well in a day because when I went for the final round the teacher had already selected her favourite student and didn’t even let me audition. I literally walked away from there feeling how congress must have felt like in 2014 but I don’t know what I had eaten that day I wasn’t ready to give up just yet. I walked back and asked her to at least listen to me and even then if she still feels I’m not worth it then have to accept it. I guess I didn’t make a comeback like congress and was selected by the majority (she made her favourite student and me present in front of a class. Teacher chose the other student and the class chose me). That day I realised two things :- 1. Never give up 2. Majority wins

To conclude, I want to make a change. Not a change our politicians promise but actual change that I want to see in society. I want my views to be neutral and unbiased. I wish to change how people think about politics and elections. I want to inspire youth. It’s cliché but I really do want to make my parents proud.

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