5 places to visit before you die

Spolier alert: Its not expensive

As everybody is eagerly waiting for some post-lockdown vacations, you too must be sighting for a cheap tropical vacation that offers golden sandy beaches, stunning outdoor destinations & the best sunny weather. So don’t you worry because here I’ve got you covered. Ranging from sunbathing on beaches to trekking amidst the tropical rainforest to experiencing a spiritual abode in temples. Here we have it all you want.

   The following are the 5 best & budget-friendly destinations to travel nationally/internationally.

1] PORT BLAIR –Emerald, Blue & You.

Andaman & Nicobar islands, India  


 The capital city of the Andaman islands is home to thousands of species of aquatic life forms.

  One can gaze at the serene azure blue water while basking under the sun at the breath-taking Corbyn Core Beach. Here you can find Jet ski’s, scuba diving, speed boat ride & even parasailing.

  On the other hand, the iconic Cellular Jail homes the freedom fighter memorials. In the evening they hold the ‘light & sound show’ replicating days of hardships faced by the freedom fighters.

   Samudrika Marine Museum is yet another getaway if you want to witness the history & anthropology of marine life. Nonetheless, it also showcases memoirs of 6 native tribes from Andaman.

  Lastly, do not forget to visit the Munda Pahad, a trekking trail amidst the dense tropical forest. One can witness here, a spectacular view of the Indian Ocean & a beautiful sunset too.

Must Do’s:

  • ‌South Asia’s only active Volcano – Barren
  • Enthralling pub – Alto Espirito
  • Foodophilic’s paradise & experience live music – Amaya

2] MALDIVES – The Coral reef Island

South Asia


   A trip to the Maldives is never complete without a visit to its pristine beaches overlooking the turquoise lagoons & stay at exotic hotels. Escape to a barefoot venture here as you dine with champagne, lobster & squids at amazingly affordable prices.

  So here I bring you Vadhoo Beach also known as “sea of stars”. At night, you can stargaze & tantalize your senses with the glowing blue waves. Planktons exhibit bioluminescence, causing heaven to descend on earth. Diving & kayaking can be enjoyed here.

  Sail to the Sunset point in traditional Dhoni cruise & also visit the submerged Whale submarine. 

   Manta Point is a treat to your senses. The visitors can swim with the Manta rays whale sharks here. This plankton-rich protected marine environment maintains stability in the ecosystem.

Must Do’s:

  • Dine at an underwater restaurant – H2O
  • Coral Rehabilitation center to adopt a coral. 

3] BALI –Ultimate in Diversity

Lesser Sunda Islands, Indonesia.


   Citing this as one of the topmost tourist holiday destinations in the world, it had to be one of my picks. Ever thought of a beach of pink color? For all the pinkoholics out there, this is your place. This exotic Pink Beach will surely blow your mind with its dreamy beauty. A secluded beach with pink-hued sand & rocky cliffs. Build your sandcastles & get some princess vibes.  

   For all nature lovers, who want a wild & raw taste of Bali, Sekumpal Waterfall is your way. A series of falls cascading like long misty veils over a lush green cliff. This incredible natural beauty mesmerizes the soul within.

   For the shopping enthusiasts, Seminyak shopping alley is the way. Dear bargain seekers, here you can find stalls crammed with clothes, jewelry, sculptures & handicrafts.

Must Do’s:

  • Tirta Empul temple
  • Kecak Fire Dance – Ubud

4] MAURITIUS – The Dream you can Afford



    Located along the southeast coast of Africa, in the Indian Ocean. Besides relaxing on the white soft sand beaches you can explore the colourful capital, hike waterfalls, do sunset yoga & munch some traditional street food while shopping in the busy market roads.

   All the active window-shoppers out there, Le Caudan Waterfront is your escape. A shopping & entertainment complex with a wide array of shops, restaurants, craft markets & a marina. Here they also host regular live street performance.

   Le Morne Brabant is the roughest & wildest mountains of the island. So if you are searching for some adventure, this is it! Hike to the summit lasts for 2-3hrs & on top, you can discover a breathtaking panoramic view & turquoise lagoons with a pinch of land.

  The  Chamarel Waterfall is a natural abode to the flora & fauna. Set against a scenic backdrop of tropical rainforest & mountains, it’s the highest waterfall in Mauritius.

Must Do’s:

  • Vibrant nightlife fun & extremely affordable beverages & meals –Banana Beach Club 

5] HONOLULU –Paradise of the Pacific

Oahu, Hawaii.


   Situated in the Pacific Ocean, Hawaii is the hub to some extravagant dining, nightlife & shopping. The spectacular beaches & lush green valleys offer endless outdoor activities like surfing, skydiving, zip-lining & paragliding.

   Waikiki Bay is an artificial beach that encompasses some parks, lagoons & harbours. It offers sensational sights, charming, pocket- friendly accommodations & exquisite cuisine.   

   Diamond Head will surely amaze you. A volcanic tuff in Oahu takes about 1.1 km uphill hiking as you admire a scenic beauty passing by tunnels and climbing a fleet of stairs to the summit.

   If you are a history buff, Tolani Palace is your place. A national historic landmark where one can absorb the opulence & grandeur of the Hawaiian royalty. So don’t forget to enjoy yourself in the ostentatious surrounding the palace.

Must Do’s:

  • ‌Visit the Polynesian Cultural Center to watch some indigenous Hula dance.

   Most destinations in the world can be explored within budget without sacrificing too much on comfort. So even if you are not a backpacker, you can take advantage of all these deals & save money. As it’s rightly said by someone “Travel is the only thing you buy that makes you richer.”

        Now it’s your turn to choose your adventure & let the memories begin.

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