A Restless Mind.

A mind which is not stable. When there lots of thoughts keep running in your mind and cannot find any answer to the question. Then, that is called a restless mind. Basically, it is nothing more then a mind that is always insecure about there decision.

Hey there, today I’m going to talk about the most ignored problem of the time. People think it is mind, so, it doesn’t need to be settled. It should be running all the time. Yeah! I don’t totally disagree with them but there should be some limitations for self. Just like excessive use of something is always harmful.

Like for an example, when you want something to happen, you also think about or guess the consequences that might happen, if things doesn’t happen in the same way you thought. And now you are stuck. Whatever you do, you will be having a backup thought about every thing. Like, I’m having a thought for writing this and on the same time I’m questioning myself “Am I writing correctly”.

Many says that this is over thinking. Then let me just tell you something, even planning is also an over thinking or deciding anything is over thinking because, then why you have to decide, when everything is already been decided, right?.  And now a days over thinking is not discussed as a problem, it is shifted or got dragged into “Being cool” stuffs. Like if you throw a stone on anyone in a crowd, hey/she will say they do over thinking. Come on its not over thinking, it is the only way our mind works. Like when you go for a trip you think about the pros and cons and the ways of dealing them. Where to stay, where to eat, where to roam, before packing your stuff. So, what is that, over thinking or planning? For some of you it may be a planning but for other or for most of them it is over thinking and they are fed up with.

But, a restless mind is all about that mind who not think about the consequences because of Being to restless to decide. Yeah! This brings the problem of anxiety, self doubting, creating chaos outside, unhappiness and many more. And there can be a lot of problems for that, but, for now it’s your mobile, probably on which you are reading this. Now, it is more then a source of entertainment for you. You literally depend on it. Like, if you got your mood off you want songs or videos to deal with it.

So, how can we deal with it? What can be best measure for it? Frankly, I don’t know. I’m also finding an answer for it. I just wanted to raise a question infront of you, just to make you aware that there are these questions which needs to answered.

Although, Everybody has there different answer, but, every answers will come to same place. Like, for me is staying away from social media for a bit everyday. I need this to be in my habit so that I can focus on my decision or restlessness.

Tell me your ways to deal with this in the comment section below. Till then have a great day and try to think about it, seriously.

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