Self-Love and Body-positivity

In a time where everyone considered life as a race, everything is treated as a rival, and everything has a price tag, when profits come first and the reality comes second, we fail to pause, smile, and enjoy the moments and experience the joy. What are we missing to have a happier life, just as we’ve always dreamed of? What’s it going to take to be happy?

We all expect to be loved, to be cared for, to be noticed, to be appreciated, to have the good that we give to others. But, are you in love with yourself? Do you think you should ask someone else to love you if you don’t love you yourself?
This is where we go with self-love and body positivity. This culture will make us mad sometimes, try to change us, bind us, before we get better than shapeshifters. We have a duty to defend ourselves, we have a right to be happy. However, the concept of self-love and body positivity is under misconception.

Self-love doesn’t mean to dream about expensive things and luxury, and body positivity certainly doesn’t mean that we don’t care how we look. Through self-love and body positivity hand in hand, you will cultivate your life and mend your mind to a positive lifestyle. In the same way, the significance and value of these definitions should be fully grasped.

Self-love can begin by challenging yourself and looking for answers inside yourself. Speak to yourself, understand what you want, treat yourself like you deserve to be viewed, fill yourself with good feelings, praise yourself, sing a song about yourself, engage yourself with what makes you happy, meet positive people, do things that can motivate you to become a happier person.

Body positivity should begin by respecting what you are, how you look, and being able to take good care of the outside. If you’re short or tall, fair or dusty, lanky or chubby, you can be stunning. Don’t ignore your look in the name of body positivity, the true idea of this should be to express how amazing you are for your individuality. Activities that can help improve the body’s balance with your consciousness, dance, exercise, swim, there are a couple. Making sure you dress up for yourself, so that you can feel confident and relaxed with how you look.

Proper self-love and body positivity would certainly make us better off both internally and externally.

Beauty comes in all shades, shapes and sizes.

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