Real key to success- High IQ or High EQ?

Most of the people believe that high IQ is really important to be successful in life and we also had evidence to prove the fact. Just look at some of the most famous people in the history like Shakespeare, Leonardo Da Vinci, Albert Einstein, Isaac Newton, Stephen Hawkins or Marie Curie; they all something in common and that is high IQ.

And it is only recently that scientists have started realizing the importance of emotional intelligence and its contribution in our journey to be successful.

Emotional intelligence is a form of intelligence that is required to function effectively in a workplace. A good IQ is not enough to be successful in life. You may find many people who are academically talented, but are unsuccessful in their own life. They experience problems in family, workplace and interpersonal relationships.

Emotional intelligence is defined as “the ability to monitor one’s own and other’s emotions, to discriminate among them, and to use the information to guide one’s thinking and actions”. Emotional Quotient (EQ) is used to express emotional intelligence in the same way as IQ is used to express intelligence. A person with high EQ is able to express empathy and is able to cooperate and work effectively with colleagues.

Emotional intelligence is receiving increasing attention by schools and employers. Many programmes are being made for improving emotional intelligence as they encourage cooperative behavior, develop better teamwork and are very useful in preparing students to face the challenges of life outside the classroom.

It helps to manage your emotions in stressful situations and encourages positive thinking. It helps us in handling criticism better and instead of getting offended, work on self improvement.