Youth demands employment

12670 applicants gave the interview for the post of Chaprasi(Peon). These includes engineers, graduates & post graduates

What are your reactions after seeing the above picture ? Well , whatever your reaction is, just think over that.

Youth, the age group which decides the progress of a country. And we Indians are lucky to have a large no. of youths. Every 5th( 20%) out of the total youth population in the world resides in India.India, at present, is home to the largest population of youth in the world. 

By having such a large population of youth, we could easily be the largest economy of the world. We could easily achieve all the sustainable development goals.

But where are we ? Just see India’s rankings in the fields of poverty, hunger,equality, corruption, unemployment. Out of 189 countries ,India’s ranking was 131 on Human Development Index 2020.

And why are we at such position ? Well , there’s no need to define , the first picture of this blog is self explanatory. Just imagine how would you feel if you’re post graduate but are applying for the exam whose demand is just 8th class. Just think.

We are turning our ‘would be asset’ into a liability.

No. of educated youth is higher than the uneducated ones. Aren’t we indicating that ,”if you want employment , don’t study ?”At the one hand we talk about literacy rate , and on the other hand there’s no job for the literate ones.

And yes, the angry Indian youth is opposing the Indian government. Just see the image below –

Angry Indian Youth tweeted more than 50Million tweets in just an hour on february 25th in demand of employment.

Why is Indian youth not getting proper employment ? Why is there so much anger among the youth ?

Lack of skill training is what everyone calls , the cause of unemployment. But now,let’s not discuss over that.

Let’s discuss the other reason lack of jobs in Indian job market. The no. of jobs is not increasing at the rate the population is increasing in India. If the government invests in creating new jobs and the government policies are well implemented then we could have jobs for our every citizen.

Of course a lot of jobs could be created,which fit well to the need of time. And yes , that skill training portion is also the need of time.There’s a huge share of engineering people in jobless market. And the main reason behind this is lack of skills. The curriculum of Indian universities is still a decade old. There’s no focus on the need of market.

The dream of seeing , our love, our India, leading the world could be fulfilled if and only if we get succeed in turning our youth into asset rather than liability.

Let the peace prevail…🙂🙃🙂

Happy Reading..🙂