Government Makes New Rule On Dual Airbags Mandatory From April 1

The Ministry of Road Transport and Highways has issued a notification to make a mandatory provision of airbags for the person seated on the front seat of a vehicle. The Union Ministry of Road Transport and Highways said, “This has been mandated as an important safety feature and is also based on suggestions of the Supreme Court Committee on Road safety.” The ministry has made it mandatory for new models to have dual front airbags from April 1 2021, while for the existing vehicles the compliance date is August 31 2021.

An airbag is a vehicle protective device, designed to inflate during the collision of a vehicle. It prevents a passenger’s head and chest from striking the interior of the vehicle. According to the World Bank report, India accounts for 10% of all road accidents in the world. The frontal airbag will increase the safety level of the passenger by reducing the impact of a road crash.

Moreover, government is also considering to make other safety features such as Electronic Stability Control and Autonomous Emergency Braking in vehicles from 2022-23 onward.

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