Too Much Information- Source of your stress?

Input overloading. Information overload concept. Young woman running away from information stream. Concept of person overwhelmed by information. Colorful vector illustration in flat style

Too much information is harmful for us, yes you read that right. In this age of internet, we are surrounded by so much information on all sides, its actually adding onto our stress levels. With so many sources of information just at the palm of your hand be it work related, entertainment or political, we do not even realize how little of it is actually important for us.

“We are now so preoccupied with keeping up with the bombardment of new facts, new developments, and new points of view that we have no time to listen to the past, or reflect on even the most recent history, much less to make a judicious reckoning of its significance.”

-Regis McKenna, public relations specialist.

Due to information overload in workplace, the employees have to deal with tension between work colleagues and loss of job satisfaction. This amount of stress is affecting the health of the employees and even their personal relationships suffer.

Having too much information interferes people’s ability to make decisions and most of the time is wasted in collecting and searching information. Many people believe that internet is the prime cause of information overload over the years. Wherever you go on social media, be it a social networking site or even our e-mail accounts, it is all filled with so much content totally irrelevant, but we scroll through it anyway, reading and taking in most of it anyway even after knowing that it would be of no use to us.

We should be smart enough to decide how much information we actually need. The key is to ‘filter’ and be selective in our information intake. We know it very well that it’s impossible to gather and analyze all the information related to your work and doing so would leave us no time to complete our necessary task.

Most of the information we absorb on a daily basis is largely irrelevant, both to our business and to our personal lives. So much of it is either sensational or celebrity focused, earlier most of the people depended on it to kill their boredom, but now when we are already so busy, we don’t even have the time to be bored but yet continue to do so.

All we need to do is a social media detox and save some time by cutting low content media from our diet and make sure the content that we are following is beneficial to us in some way. Keeping only the useful and content of our interest will help us to keep our stress levels in control, after all we use the internet as way to release our stress so it should definitely not be a source of it.