5 essential skills you need if you are aspiring to be a UX Designer

This Covid-19 pandemic has pushed most of the companies to create an online presence which in terms lead to the hike in need of UX designers who develop the user experience of the audience on the company website.

Here are some of the top essential skills for ambitious UX designers who want to grow and stay relevant within the current tech age:

  1. Developing a sense of empathy

It is an unspoken rule in the UX industry that designs exist for the sake of the user, and not the other way round. For a design to be successful it must be shaped according to the requirements of end-user. The most important factor in creating a user centric UX design is a sense of deep empathy in the designer.

A decent designer is one which can understand the consumer but a extraordinary designer is one who can empathize with the lives, challenges, troubles, and expectations of a user. A sense of empathy gives the designers a opportunity to tap into untapped pain-point.

This Intellectual skill is responsible for giving much of the innovation that is witnessed in the industry. It gives a designer to create lasting and more powerful user-based experiences, which later translate into business excellence and greater returns.

2. The art of storytelling

Making brilliant design is only half of the matter. The designer should be able to market, evaluate and create a story around their designs. The art of storytelling enhances the longevity and impact of any design.

The ability to build a story and a narrative around the design which is empathetic to the consumer is an essential skill for aspiring UX professional as it creates a differentiation between a good designer and a brilliant one.

Besides having an imagination and good communication skills, a good knowledge of PowerPoint and video presentations is also helpful in marketing a design.

3. Teamwork is key

We are culturally habituated to think that designers are like lonely thinkers who come up with ideas in moment of lonely brilliance. This however is far from the truth because one of the most important skill is to team work and collaborate.

In fact, the creative process itself is iterative and collaborative in nature. Great ideas and successful execution come with teamwork.

In real life, a UX designer must collaborate with business folks, technology folks, researchers, partners and more to successfully deliver a project.

4. Knowledge and application of design frameworks

Design is a process and every process needs frameworks to implement it effectively. There are many design frameworks that can be used in UX design to help designers to learn more about user and their lives, design strategies and build the right experiences.

Some important design frameworks that are used in the industry include Personas, customer journeys, empathy maps, card sorting and task flow design.

These are all frameworks from which designers can learn and implement in their projects accordingly to learn many people can apply for online courses including the UX jumpstarted by ImaginXP.

5. Skilled in design tools

Although pen and paper will always be the mightiest tools for designer to ideate, iterate and bee agile, it is also equally important to be able to translate your thoughts from paper to digital.

All designers out there should be proficient in at least some of these to deliver UX designs effectively. Some popular design tools include Sketch, Adobe XD, Figma and Azure.

Remember that the entire world is your teacher so learn from it whenever you can and stay as updated as you can because it can help you with the changing place of the industry.

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