Why committing to routines is the best way to success?

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You might have been told to maintain a routine in your daily life. But do we even enjoy it or does it make us more effective and productive? We often despise our routine and feel restrictive. But real routines are supposed to make us feel productive and useful and leave us with energy and peace of mind.

I have got a few hacks and wise words that will help you develop a better routine for yourself. Read on:

  1. Divide and invest your energy intentionally. You only have a fixed amount of energy each day. After that we retire to our sleep to fuel up for the next day. Dandapani, a spiritual and wisdom teacher advocates that where our attention goes, energy flows. If you spend time scrolling through your phone, your mental, emotional and physical energy is being spent there and as a result you are spending some of your energy there. However, if you had been reading a book your energy would have been spent somewhere else. It is not about negative or positive places, the universe only has energy. You can be a little bit more intentional with where you spend your energy. This is the first step, to become aware of how and where you are spending your energy.
  2. The next step is to curate a routine specific for you. You might have seen countless daily routine videos on the internet but we must realize that every person has different energy cycles and so we need to customize our own routines. Ideally, our routine must have some creating and consuming activities. This would help to create a balance of energy throughout the day. Jay Shetty, a former monk and now a viral influencer, says that is his past experience as a monk has revolved around routines. These routines he says are not to impose but to help train the minds of the monks. In his book, Think Like a Monk, he says that the monk philosophy can be put to use quite effectively in our lives as well. He also says that we do not need to wake up at 4 in the morning or chant prayers. We just need to have a well-intentioned start to the day. Build a routine that does not drain off our energy and make us feel clumsy at the end of the day. Even the simplest work we do like brushing our teeth can help us become aware of the importance it plays in our life.
  3. Lastly, habit formation is in vogue now. James Clear, a bestselling author attributes his success to his routines. He has a simple routine which has curated for himself. In his book, he gives simple ideas like making the habit obvious and rewarding for you. This will automate your habits and routines and make them easy yet effective for you. If we get even 1% better every day, then we will be 100% better at the end of the year. He says that our daily habits compound over time.

These were some habit tips that helped me build an efficient routine for me. I hope these best tips from some of the influential and successful people.

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