PM Modi reviews medical oxygen supply in the country; Directs to increase production to meet growing demands

Prime Minister Narendra Modi has taken a comprehensive review to ensure adequate supply of medical oxygen in the country. Mr. Modi has asserted that it is important to ensure synergy across Ministries and state governments to maintain the adequate supply of oxygen. He has directed to increase production of medical oxygen to fulfill the growing demands.

The Prime Minister took a detailed review of present situation of medical oxygen supply and its estimated demands in the 12 States which are witnessing rapid rise in the corona virus cases. An overview of district-level situation in these states was presented to him. He was informed that the Centre and States are in regular touch and estimates for projected demand have been shared with the states. He was informed that four thousand 880 metric tonnes of medical oxygen have been allocated to these 12 high burden states for meeting their projected demand as on 20th April of this month.

Additionally, five thousand 619 metric tonnes of medical oxygen have been allocated for the projected demand as on 25th April and six thousand 593 metric tonnes for the estimated demand as on 30th April of this month. The Prime Minister was informed that the surplus stocks of oxygen available with steel plants are being offered from medical use. Mr Modi suggested the officials to ensure seamless and free movement of tankers carrying oxygen throughout the country.

The government is allowing industrial cylinders to be used for medical oxygen after due purging. Prime Minister was also informed about the efforts being made to import medical-grade oxygen. 

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