What is Digital Marketing?

Computers and the internet have made it easy for us to do many things simultaneously. It has revolutionized our thought process. With the Covid-19 pandemic the entire world has adapted to the situation by working from home. The use of the term ‘Digital Marketing’ has increased during this time frame. It is used to promote small businesses as well as large scale businesses. We make use of it from the time we use our phones to surf social media platforms like Instagram, YouTube, etc to making deals and strategies for our company or brand. Digital devices, platforms, media, data generated and technology are the foundations of digital marketing.

Milllenials are considered as ‘digital pioneers’ of technology and social media. It is the generation to be born into a world which is at its peak technological innovation. It has seen the rise of many Influencers and social media pioneers who make content and earn through brand collaborations. For a brand, an online presence has never been as important as today. Online brands like Amazon, Google, Zomato, Myntra they’re all based on keeping their online audiences engaged.  As Albert Einstein said “In the middle of difficulty lies opportunity” there is an opportunity for us to seize even in a pandemic. Marketing yourself is the best strategy to follow in this digital era.

Types of Digital Marketing –

With digital marketing platform, you can gain a better understanding of what type of content resonates with the customers. This allows marketers to understand the demand of the consumers. It is entirely dependent on the engagement rate of the audience.

Digital Marketing can be branched into Search Engine Optimization or SEO Marketing, Email Marketing, Social Media Marketing or SMM, Influencer and Affiliate Marketing, Pay- per-click or PPC Marketing. When the customer is looking for something to buy they will probably click on one of the first results that show up on Google. Hence SEO Marketing comes into the picture. It consists of learning strategies on how to rank your own website on Google using appropriate keywords. It is more credible form of marketing. Email marketing allows organizations to stay connected with customers and clients via newsletters and connecting employees within a company to interact formally. Social Media Marketing involves Instagram, YouTube, LinkedIn, Twitter for promoting brands, businesses or their skills using visual effects. It depends upon the impressions, comments, conversions, clicks, etc. Influencer Marketing requires you to choose up a specialty and create a platform and gain followers. The followers trust the influencers, which makes them likely to buy a product recommended by them. Affiliate Marketing is to promote other brands and earn a certain percentage through it. Pay-per-click or also known as PPC is one of the most common types of digital marketing. It charges you for the number of clicks that you get on your advertisement. PPC comes under search engine marketing and content or social media marketing.

Digital Marketing is cheap, measureable and has high returns. Various resources online provide insight into what digital marketing is. There are many students studying in universities who decide to take up Digital Marketing as their major and make a career in this field. The knowledge and skills are just as important as it is to keep ourselves updated with the ever changing technology.