Day: May 26, 2021

Hidden in Ads

                Advertisements possess a special power to influence the minds of people and the continuous presentation of the same is capable to register the idea which conveyed through it. But the audience not only perceive the upper layer of meaning but also the hidden […]

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Anne with an E | a masterful retelling

Based on Lucy Maud Montgomery’s popular series Anne of Green Gables, Netflix’s Anne with an E was incredibly well-received. The show follows the story of the adoption of orphan Ann(e). She is wide-eyed, optimistic, dramatic, and we’re here for it. She is the harbinger of joy and color in the […]

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Second home!

Do u know which is your second home? Of course we all do,our school life,our priceless moments! Everyone is longing to get back to their childhood,even when you’re reading this at the moment ,you got an instant click in your mind,a slideshow of your wonderful memories feels the same… I […]

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