How India is lacking in Healthcare

Health is man’s most precious possession. One who enjoys good health can enjoy life in the real sense. The healthcare system of India has been poor for a long time and the ongoing covid pandemic has revealed it.

In the absence of modern quality healthcare in the public sector , people prefer the private sector for better treatment but it is not affordable for them. Healthcare sector is not ready for the unprecedented rise in coronavirus cases which could turn worse. It has highlighted the lack of medical funding to build better healthcare infrastructure.

The covid pandemic creates a special challenge due to the paucity of testing services, weak surveillance system and above all poor medical care. The impacts of this pandemic, and especially the lockdown strategy, are multi-dimensional.

Due to lack of vaccines, many people are getting infected with corona. Not all patients are receiving treatment due to lack of hospital beds. The problem has become more serious as there are not enough doctors. People are dying from oxygen after being infected.

Many states are already at risk of pandemic due to the lack of health infrastructure and equipment ranging from oxygen to ventilators. Most of the people in India have no medical insurance, so they cannot cope financially and mentally against pandemic or any other disease. Who are the decision maker of the society, most of them live in cities and towns. So they cannot reach to the people who live in rural areas. Now people’s lives are at stake.

The solution is to increase healthcare spending and strengthen the healthcare system.The epidemic highlighted the inadequacy of private health care and the importance of spending and strengthening public health care. Longevity; The government needs to re-evaluate and make rapid improvements in public health, infrastructure funding. India need more doctors and nurses for better healthcare system. More government hospitals are needed to treat most people. India need to prioritize healthcare and be better prepared for the future.

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