Role of Community Radio for Development

Community radio plays a important role for the development of the rural life. Community radio helps to avail utilities and amenities for various development aspects of our society like education, health, water and sanitation, protection from natural disasters, address social issues at the community level and connect rural population with the government. Community radio can facilitate the disadvantaged and vulnerable groups of the country by raising their voice, focusing their problems, expressing their modern updated ideas and thinking for the development of the whole nation. It can play a significant role for the rural development.

The main objective of this analysis is to explore the importance and effectiveness of community radio in especially remote rural areas. There can be no improvement of the country unless the villages or rural areas improved first. Unfortunately, the state of things there is as bad as possible. The people are extremely poor, living in wretched conditions. There are no proper arrangements for medical help, sanitary living and good education. There is no cultural atmosphere and nothing bright to inspire the people. So they drag on a miserable existence, more dead than alive. Community radio is a medium of helping the people of rural areas. It aims to enrich the livelihood of the local people, through the content that is created by the people and for the people of the community. As community radio prepares and broadcasts programmes for the rural particular community, so it can also be specified to a target population. The historical philosophy of community radio is to make use of this means as the voice of the disadvantaged group, the representative of exploited people and generally as a tool for progress and improvement.

Through community radio try to give proper education and facilities, improvement of agriculture and sanitary conditions and various other welfare will make life easy. Community radio is a non-profit radio station and its main aim is the wellbeing of the local level community people. It produces program for the people of any certain geographical area and also represent their culture and views, thoughts and ideas etc. The involvement of community members in many different ways that reflects the interest of the community it serves.

Community radio has been established mainly for local level rural population. Main target group of community radio are the general villagers who are the listeners of radio. Community radio will create awareness among the villagers. It has significant effect on the societal condition. People have to remember that community radio is for their permanent benefit.  In community radio the public are voluntarily participating and producing programmes for themselves for their own benefit. community radio is an instrument of power in changing the lives of women. The need of the hour is to educate the masses, create awareness and cater to the needs of the people at the grass-roots level. Community radios can help to empower and give a voice to the people.

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