PM describes aggressive testing, marking local containment zones & giving correct information to public as weapons against Covid-19

Prime Minister Narendra Modi has described aggressive testing, marking local containment zones and dissemination of complete and correct information to the public as weapons against the Covid-19 pandemic.

The Prime Minister interacted with field officials from various States and districts yesterday to converse about their experience in handling the pandemic. Speaking on the occasion, Mr. Modi termed the district officials as field commanders and said they have ensured effective local containment strategies to mitigate the effect of the pandemic.

The Prime Minister said the work of field officers which include building confidence among front line workers and also acting against hoarders of drugs and medical equipment is crucial in the fight against the pandemic.

The Prime Minister said, amidst rising cases and challenges of health infrastructure in rural areas, the district officials are entrusted with greater responsibility of reaching out to the people.. He informed that the task of setting up of Oxygen plants is being actively completed in the districts using the funds allocated from PM-CARES. The Prime Minister also called for setting up district monitoring cells in this regard for effectively bridging the gap between the supply and usage.  

Mr. Modi said, the country has undertaken the largest vaccination drive in the world. He asserted that proper usage of vaccines with minimal wastage will ensure effective and quick recovery of the nation from the pandemic.

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