The selfless she!

She….the everything!!

She,who gets up early in the morning every day to look after your needs & who wouldn’t mind sleeping. She,who will constantly forgive your lies no matter how big they’re, still give you a warm smile, who will endure all pain caused when you reject her and her kisses because you’re too cool to be seen. She’ll be the only one supporting and lifting up your spirit whenever you’re feeling down.

She, who thinks about only you who crosses her mind constantly throughout the day, who doesn’t want anybody else to hurt you, who consider herself to be fortunate to have you, who stood by your side in your joy and struggles & guided, leaded in a righteous path,giving your her full attention. She, who never get tired of talking to, when bringing down her mood without intention to and affect her emotions with every action of yours but still cares you a lot, to whom you’re the reason of her smile without trying, who’ll be a console when your life gets messed up,supports you when you’re mean to do something.

No matter where she is,what she’s doing, always finds herself thinking about only you who deeply love but often underappreciated, put the needs of you before herself, the marker of magical moments. She, who afraid of losing you & always wanted to keep within, who’ll remember all the moments forever you made it, holding you all the time, who sacrifices all her wants and needs just for only you, who never gives up on you, showing love & care to whom you mean the world, who dares to face the world alone just for you and finally who dedicated everything in her life only for you & who never fails to love you unconditionally!…..that’s why she called selfless!
Perhaps, one day you’ll understand all the sacrifices she gladly made out of her love for you!

I believe in love at first sight, cause I love her since I opened my eyes and she as well!
The purest and truest meaning of the word “unconditional” can only be found in her’s love!
Everything she ,she the everything!!

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