Be the change!

               The earth is dominated by one of the species on her lap, that is human. Human developed in his level best for a progressive life. They are ruling their empire well and dominating everything like a colonizer. But is it a sustainable development? Are we responsible for the drastic changes that are occuring in our environment? Climate change is upon us. Oceans are rising fires are raging…we need solutions fast. We have known for decades that rapid climate change has been caused by the release of greenhouse gases. But all are living like ‘this is not for us’ or listening to this information like a story in any fairy tales.
               Each and every ignorance from the part of us is actually increasing our threat in the future.The recent news added to the warning from nature that she will react soon in order to mend herself.From May 13 onwards, the the European Space Agency (ESA) found that an enormous Antarctic ice shelf named A-76,the largest ice berg in the world, broken off which is three times bigger than Delhi !But why the scientists pay much attention to this? We have to know the truth that these sudden changes are due to the human caused climate change.If Antarctica ‘s entire ice sheet were to melt, it could raise sea level and gradually the land area reduced to the pages of history.
What are the Solutions?
We have two options in front of us- ‘mitigation’ (reducing and stabilizing the levels of heat-trapping greenhouse gases in the atmosphere) and ‘adaptation’ (adapting to the climate change already in the pipeline). Project drawdown ,a nonprofit group of researchers and scientist, compiled a list of solutions which one expanded over the next 30 years could reduce emissions by as much to 269.0 2 gigatons of what are the solutions?
Refrigerant management: in 1987, 196 countries and the European union sign the protocol calling on all countries to reduce the use of CFCs in refrigerants by 1996. CFCs were replaced by HFCs which doesn’t damage the ozone but is an extremely potent greenhouse gas. HFC have thousand to 9000 times the capacity to trap heat than CO2 and gradually slow the rate of global warming.
Onshore wind energy: the solution provides a huge opportunity for low-cost and love mission energy creation. Turbines have small land footprint allowing for farming recreation and conservation of nature to continue under their shadows. By increasing 26% of wind energy production could avoid roughly 147 gigatons of greenhouse gas emissions by 2050. In order to curb this issue ,we should expand the construction industry with the smart energy policy and generous government subsidies. Future of wind turbines could have substantial positive effect on our changing climate.
Plant rich diet: the fossil fuel demands associated with the animal feed, transportation, deforestation and animal emissions themselves makeup large chunk of global greenhouse emissions. The Project drawdown predicts that is just 50% of the world population adopts applied rich diet by 2050, we could avoid 65.0 5 gigatons of greenhouse gas emissions.It is not easy… especially in a meat-centric food culture.
                It is said that in 2050 the world will be more hostile and less fertile, more crowded and less diverse.we all have to register something in our mind that we are temporary in this Earth and are responsible to hand it over to our future generations without any damages. We are ought to make changes in our lifestyles against the ‘changes’ in order to preserve that gem with all its diversities and beauty.
“Be the change you wish to see in the world”-Mahatma Gandhi.

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