Unusual jobs we never knew existed

If the usual nine to five jobs sound boring to you, there are a plenty of unusual, interesting and never heard before jobs- jobs which don’t involve in office time at all.

Let’s have a look at the most unusual yet interesting professions.

>Iceberg mover

The idea came up after the tragedy of Titanic in 1912. Professionals and specialists are hired to tow icebergs out of the path of ships and oil rigs. Iceberg movers earn an estimated amount of $19,000 to $52,000 per year.

>Panda nanny

As a part of China Giant Panda Protection, the research centre in China is on hunt for specialised nannies for panda cubs. Those who wish to partake will be provided free meals, transit and accommodations along with an estimated pay of 200,000 Yuan ($32,000) a year.

>Ash artist

We must have heard of sand artists. Ash artist is somewhat similar to it. The only difference being the art piece is made of passed ones’ ashes. Though it might sound creepy but the art made out of the ashes looks beautiful and has a connection since it was made of a person you knew. The estimated pay is $225-$500 per commission.

>Professional mermaid

Though having seen a mermaid for real is not possible but a professional mermaid is definitely a real, though self made, job. There are no schools or institutions providing training in mermaid work. One has to be self motivated and comfortable in practicing and wearing a fish tail like mermaid and swimming like one. Professional mermaid job gets an estimate of $300/hour.

>Professional foreigner

Never thought being a foreign could be a profession? Here is a chance to work as a professional foreigner especially in China. It’s a big business in China where they hire foreigners to attend real estate events and meetings. Professional foreigners earn an approximate of $1,000/week.

>Fortune cookie writer

As the name suggests, those little notes we get in our cookies are usually written by professionals. Companies hire freelancers to make those little slips with sweet messages. Such freelancers get paid $40,000 to $80,000 annually.