Science — A Curse

Science lies at the root of progress. In spite of great achievements of science, thinking people have begun to question if it is really a blessing or a curse.

People all know how power of science is being used for evil purpose also. It is the superior scientific knowledge that makes one nation stronger than the other and helps the former to oppress the latter. Not content with individual killings, aeroplanes bomb entire cities out of existence. The atom bomb, the hydrogen bomb, poison gas, chemical warfare—what a horrible application of science!

Evil effects of science are also manifested in various other ways. Computers and robots, are eating up employment opportunities. Satellites are now used extensively for espionage purpose also. Too much of industrialisation, propagation of automobiles— all lead to air pollution and health hazards.

Science has given material comforts no doubt, but it has taken mankind away from nature. But as the soul is infinitely more important then the body, right thinking men have begun to look upon science as a curse—a lure to hell.

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