5 Tips to manage your time

You wake up with the mindset to be productive the whole day, but after thirty minutes you find yourself mindlessly scrolling through your social media? Or maybe always end up getting distracted while working hence missing deadlines. You also might find yourself saying – ‘I don’t have time for this.’ If you find yourself in these situations quite often, it might be important for you to start managing your time. Time management is simple terms is planning the usage of time and conscious control over it to increase productivity and efficiency. We need to remember that everyone has 24 hours at their disposal and those who manage their time end up finding time to do everything they need, limiting the wastage of time and accomplishing their goals. Tips to keep in mind while looking to manage your time are-

Make a to-do list – Start by making a to-do list of all the things you need to complete for a particular day. This can also be done the night before so that you’re aware beforehand. This helps you keep all the tasks mentioned in one single place so you would not forget anything important. Creating and following a to-do list helps you start the day right rather than frittering away time getting started.

Prioritise your tasks – The next step is to prioritise the tasks in order of importance. This should be done in descending order, with the task having the highest priority put first. This would help you with putting your attention and focus on the task requiring urgency, improving the quality of work, and proper utilisation of time. 

Set time slots – You might feel overwhelmed with several tasks to be completed on a particular day – which would either make you stressed. To overcome this, try setting time slots for the tasks listed in the to-do list. This is like training your mind to follow a routine – which helps you twofold – firstly you know when you need to do a specified task and also the estimated time within which you need to complete that task. This helps you manage time as well as increases productivity. 

Free yourself from distractions – So you have a list, you’ve prioritised the task, and set time slots. But all of these wouldn’t be fruitful if you get distracted while you are working. The next important step is thus to free yourself from distraction while working. For example, work alone in a room free from the sound of the television. Try keeping your phone away from your workspace if you’re tempted to scroll through your social media. These small actions if taken care of can help you not get distracted and finish your work on time.

Focus on one task at a time – After choosing the task from the specific time slot, sit through it till the end till you finish it. Avoid switching to multiple talks or multitasking like working on a project, replying to emails, and checking your messages at the same time. This hampers your productivity and quality of work as well. Focus on one task at a time to help you avoid being all over the place and off-track from your routine.

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