In this pandemic situation, we all are staying at our homes to save ourselves from the covid disease, by being locked for days most of them are affected mentally and emotionally. Life is an emotional experience, the quality of emotion that we experience every day determines the quality of our life. We all should know how to control our emotion or otherwise, our emotion controls us. The major problem with most people is, they are not able to understand what they feel or they find it harder to name their emotions. This is the place where we should become emotionally intelligent. Emotional intelligence plays an important role in our life because every human in the world has his or her own emotion. It allows you to understand and manage your emotion in order to self-motivate and create a positive social interaction. Understanding our emotions helps us to know more about ourselves. Our emotion not only affects us it also affects the other people around us. “There are hidden messages in every emotion”. Emotions are action signals very often their meanings are hidden but we ignore the hidden messages. All emotion is a call for action. Emotion is the inner game of success or failure. There are more than 3000 various emotions. We have only 1051 pleasant emotions and other are unpleasant emotion. This shows that we people are more focused on unpleasant sides than the bright side. We humans cannot forget the unpleasant emotion or feeling unless we let it go. Compressing our emotions and feelings leads us to mental depression. It is always good to express our emotions. When we are in control with our emotions that means we are emotionally intelligent. When emotion controls you, then it means you are emotionally slaved. Once when you are familiar with your emotion, then hidden messages, action signals even unpleasant emotion becomes your ally. Mostly we are aware of messages hidden behind pleasant emotion, but we are not aware of the hidden message behind unpleasant emotion. All the negative emotion contains positive message and instructions that help us to grow into a better human being.
Some of the unpleasant emotions that most of them face regularly are hurt, pain, anger, fear, guilt, unworthiness, and loneliness.
Hurt is a painful emotion that comes when we experience loss. It may be a loss of trust or expectation from the person we love. When we face betrayal or ignored by the person we care about, that feeling leads us to this unpleasant emotion hurt. There is always a way to get hold of ourselves from the unpleasant emotion. Always we expect something from our loved one, but we all know that expectation kills. So communicate with your loved ones explain yourself to them, explain your need and expectation to them. Certain things may be valuable to you but not them, so it is always better when you are open to your loved ones so that they can understand you.
Anger is another unpleasant emotion every one of us faces in this fast-growing world. Anger is a physiological sensation due to a biochemical reaction in your body. Anger is a secondary emotion where frustration is the primary emotion. We feel frustrated when we don’t get what we want. We all have some important rules and standards in our life that we hold, when those rules have been violated by someone or maybe even by ourselves, it leads us to this unpleasant emotion anger. The hidden message in frustration is that we can do better and we need to change our approach to get better.
When we feel helpless and unworthy it leads us to the unpleasant emotion which is depression. When someone focuses on the minor things in life than the major one it is the primary reason for depression. The hidden message in depression is to find the purpose of life. When we are depressed we feel unworthy and we don’t feel the meaning of our life. Which may lead us to suicide.
Fear is one of the terrible unpleasant emotions. The best way to overcome your fear is to face them, face the fear that you are afraid of and then they will leave you. Grief is one of the unpleasant emotions similar to fear. Acceptance is the answer for grief, just let it go then you feel relieved. The hidden message in fear is it is simply anticipation that something is going to happen soon, so be prepared for it.
Loneliness is the unpleasant emotion which leads us to many unpleasant emotion like depression, unworthiness, anxiety, hurt and so on. Loneliness is about not only being alone it’s about being avoided by the person we love and also by society. It makes us to feel empty, alone, and unwanted. When your not a sociable person then you feel lonely from time to time. The hidden message in loneliness is that your need to become more sociable and more expressive.

We should know about what emotion that we are going through and we should know how to handle those emotions. Our unpleasant emotion is our greatest enemy which makes us feel low and sometimes leads us to the wrong path. Some unpleasant emotion like hurt, pain, anger, guilt, unworthiness, and loneliness that we face says us to have some change in ourselves. We have to take everything positively and try to decode the message so that we can easily get over the emotion that we are stuck in.

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