Problems In Implementation Of Social legislation.

As we know problems in society are inevitable and because of these problems there arises the need for social work and social work is that field of knowledge that concerns with solving the problems of individual, community, and organisation, and to make their life happier and for this there are certain legislations or laws that are to be followed for the betterment of society. The role of social legislations is to mediate between the problems and solutions of the society but society is transforming at a rapid pace and social workers must do the same to provide the best support to their clients , but there are certain problems that has become hurdles for the implementation of social legislations in the required field.

Some of these problems that are hindering this process are :

  1. Health gap(limited access to health care )
  2. Social isolation
  3. Homelessness(migrant labourers)
  4. Extreme economic inequality
  5. Prejudice(negative perception)

1) health gap –health gap for example could be mental and physical and to bridge it government should take necessary steps in this direction be it (updating the medical facility and developement of mental fitness)

2) social isolation- social isolation generally means when a person feels or get isolated from the society and this could be possible through some reasons like failures ( professional)  or less socialisation in the society.

3)-homelessness- it is one of the biggest problems in the lives of strugglers who looks up to make their lives fruitful and start their carrier because  of lack of affordability people tend to live without shelters and eventually this leads to homelessness.

4) Extreme economic inequality-  it refers to the differences of individual’s income and wealth and it leads to obligations of certain legislation like sleeping and residing on footpaths has become a compulsion for beggars, poor people or migrants which is illegal by law but because of economic disparities and system failure this has become a bitter truth of our society.

5) Prejudice-when a person or society make up it’s mind about something and make generalizations about  before fully knowing about it. if we talk about the  pandemic vaccination derive most of the people have preassumed about the negative consequences of the dose without knowing and studying about the benefits of the same.

The above problems according to me are among the major problems that are faced by the social worker and the society as well, and to cope up with it a social worker needs to deep study in the areas of management and execution of social policy is an important element for the institutionalization of public policy which seeks to guarantee social rights therefore, the confrontation of the social challanges in this field become a fundamental question for the theoretical, ethical and technical legitimacy of the social work.


Hence, in the conclusion we can say that sometimes natural practices or compulsions of a being are more vital with comparison to the implementation of social legislation. So in the pace of changing era government should study and figure out solutions regarding these hurdles by which the society would become a better place to live.

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