Was Covid-19 created in a laboratory? Shocking truth about the lab leaks

The Covid-19 pandemic which shook the world is still being fought in many countries despite 2 years of battle. There have been numerous speculations regarding the origin of the virus. It was claimed that it originated in Wuhan, China after humans contracted the virus from bats. But many theories state otherwise. Some say that it was man-made to regulate population, a medical-mafia induced virus to make money from it. The motives aside, a recent proof that it is actually not natural was submitted and has taken the world by storm since then.

A 22-page research paper

A 22-page research paper authored by British Professor Angus Dalgleish and Norwegian scientist Dr.Birger Sørensen has recently surfaced and it is to be published in the Quarterly Review of Biophysics Discovery, as per Daily Mail. The authors claim that they have evidence that Covid-19 is actually man made but that their research was intentionally ignored by academics and journals.

Covid-19 a result of a ‘Gain of function’ experiment?

The authors say that Covid-19 was created by Chinese scientists in a Wuhan lab when they were working on a ‘Gain of function’ project. A gain-of-function research works by tweaking a virus in order to increase the the degree of transfer of the virus in humans. This research is usually conducted in order to know about future diseases and to prepare accordingly. It has to be conducted in extremely safe environments, otherwise may lead to deadly outbreaks. It has been banned in many countries including the US.

The research paper cites that Covid-19 was a result of the alteration of a naturally occurring, not so deadly corona virus found in Chinese cave bats. They say that this virus found in bats was grafted a new spike, turning it into the deadly Covid-19, highly transferable among humans.

The author Dr.Birger Sørensen said that on the spikes were four amino acids with a positive charge. As we know, given 2 positive charges repel each other, it is very much unlikely that four such charges were found in the virus. Naturally, a maximum of only 3 such charges can be found in viruses. So the inclusion of the 4th charge makes it easier to cling to humans and thus making it highly contagious. More details.


Corona virus structure

The spikes in corona virus

Lab leaks

With the virus engineered in Wuhan Institute of Virology (WIV) in China, it is said that it may have leaked due to lowered security in the labs, thus spreading to the public. This justifies Wuhan to be ground zero. Once it was evident that the virus was leaked, the Chinese scientist tries to cover their tracks by retro-engineering it, to make it look as if it evolved naturally from bats. There are unique fingerprints found in the virus which make it even harder to believe that it occurred naturally.

It is also stated that some researchers were admitted in hospitals around October, a month before China reported its first Covid-19 positive.

While it is certainly believed that Covid-19 has no credible natural ancestor, the claims of the research paper are yet to be authenticated. The only thing we can do right now is to no step out of our homes and stay calm during this crisis, hoping for better times. Be home, be safe. Vaccinate yourself.

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